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We are a Results Focused Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore

We help
Local Businesses with

get an Endless Waterfall of customers

Don't know what that means?

Local Businesses
1. Businesses who only serve customers near ( 5km ) their location.

Proof of Performance
1. Businesses who have a proven process ( >20% Conversion Rate )  to turn leads into customers.
2. You have a minimum of servicing 50 existing customers.

Endless Waterfall of Customers
1. A stream of customers that generates extra profits to fund your entire marketing campaign at zero extra cost
2. You only pay for the initial setup of the "customer waterfall" which breaks even for itself in 6 months

Can extra money through Digital Marketing solve ALL your business problems? 

Yes it can.

Business problems are just a symptom of a bigger root cause.

The lack of customers.

We help businesses get more customers.

And here is some proof behind the claim.

We have had the honour of producing tremendous results for our clients such as:

🏡 Turning $14,000 into $300,000 for a preschool 

🏊🏻‍♂️ Helping a Swimming agency generate 
50 non-flaky leads a month at a 20 times potential ROI

We have an extraordinary affinity with location-based service businesses.

🔥 Here's an insider-secret to marketing, marketers can cherrypick any kind of awesome results to show but in truth, what really matters is the success rate. 

7 out of 10 of our campaigns are successful and hit KPIs set.

We don't do everything. 

We can help you ONLY in the following services.

Why do we say so? 

The single reasons why most campaigns fail is because everyone is ignoring the elephant in the room.

And it's a really BIG elephant.
The big elephant that no marketers will tell you about
People are simply doing the wrong things at their stage of business.

Agencies are trying to sell everything to everyone.

Business owners are marketing at the wrong stage.

So what is the right stage?

We are pulling back the curtains and showing you something special.

We call it the Path Of Least Resistance.

Our Digital Marketing Services & Capabilities

Email Marketing

The Path of Least Resistance: When should you start Paid Digital Marketing?

The hidden blueprint you must follow sequentially for the least resistance in your business.


The eureka moment

You start out with an idea, fire in your eyes and enthusiasm to quickly launch your idea.

You have your proof of concept when you get your first cold market customer.
Start here
When you master the craft of your business


You are the best in the field at what you do

You start to get real world feedback from the market.

You improve until you have all the best processes for delivering consistent results for your customer.
When you engage a digital marketing company to grow your business


You created a customer waterfall

You stop taking profits and start reinvesting in the business again.

You are now able to predictably spend money to acquire more customers.


You are now separated from your business with "space" to pursue further growth

The huge influx of customers places a huge stress-test on your operations.

You hire and train the perfect team to take over your role. 

Or maybe take that vacation you always wanted.


You have identified the DNA for success

To grow any further, you need a system that can replicate itself over and over again at different outlets.

You figured that you need to start operating like a franchise business with clear operating procedures and on-boarding programmes to deliver the same success anywhere with or without you.

You start your second outlet or franchise and it is just as successful as the first.


Congratulations you have won the game of life.

Investor money start pouring in because of how "Proven" your business model is.

You continue to grow without limits until you ring the bell at your favourite stock exchange.

You can finally spend all your time living the life you want with complete financial freedom.

Money will no longer be an obstacle to anything you want in your life. 

Be it the happiness and health of your family and loved ones or the dreams you always had when you were young.

🤔Seems too simple? It really is with Digital Marketing.

The path of least resistance most logical path to avoid common dangers of running a business.

These dangers happen when businesses try transition to the next stage without proper proof.

And you might have guessed it already, while we have helped many businesses get their proof of scale

We also have still met many businesses that are simply not ready to start digital marketing.

This is why we have stopped accepting clients from all niches and stages from 1st January 2019 because we can't sleep if we don't get you results.

Submit a clarification form to work with our agency

We are happy to chat only if you meet the following requirements:
✅ Have a high margin on your product/service or recurring product/service

Your annual customer life-time value is at least $1000.

This will allow your advertisements to run as long as possible to drown your competition.

✅ You have are committed to setting processes

We have had a successful client halt their marketing because there were simply too many customers to cope with. Don't be that.

✅ You have a healthy budget set aside to start marketing. 

We will always start with a discovery period to find the "strategy made for you" to achieve the maximum return of investment. 

You should have at least $8000 on stand-by as cushion before we breakeven on your advertising.

✅ Your sales cycle is less than 2 months

This allows you to quickly make a profit on your advertisement spend and avoid negative cashflow.

🌄 And lastly You have big ambitions for your business and you are always aiming for the next level of growth.

We love working with business owners who have the drive for continuous improvement.

We found that our marketers tend to perform much better if they fall in love with your business mission and vision.

It doesn't have to be taking humankind to mars ( Leave that to Elon musk ), as long as you desire to serve your customers with your utmost sincerity, that is inspiring to us.
Yes that is me

Submit a Clarification form

Who we do not work with at our marketing agency

Please do not apply if you are the following:
❌ Smart shoppers

We do not entertain price comparison to other agencies. We factor in the cost of manpower to each of our services at a fair price. 

With agencies, you get what you pay for.

❌ Performance based marketing

We don't do that but you are free to approach those that do.

❌ You are advertising with your last budget and you can't help but micro-manage

Now this is our personal preference. 

When the stakes are really high, it is perfectly normal for business owners to become micro-managers but that is counter productive for our campaigns.
❌ You are not committed to closing the sale

There are times where even the hottest leads can turn cold when businesses do not follow-up and that is on you. We are a marketing agency, not a sales agency.

❌ You are not customer-centric

Yes we are in business to make money. But good marketing will not save a bad product/service experience.
Yes that is me

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Top Questions answered👨‍💻

What are the prices of each individual service?

Honestly we will not know until we get on the call to understand more about your industry, your customers and your ambitions.

We have a special 3 month R&D discount only for industries that are completely new to us.

Bear in mind that this is a profit-increasing center, not a cost-reduction center - so you should not be thinking of this budget as an expense, it will pay for itself depending on your sales cycle. 

What industries do we service?

We have done campaigns for all kinds of industries, check with our team member on the clarification call to see if you are in the right industry.

Why can't I do it myself?

Yes you absolutely can. 

In fact we have created free guides out there on how to do Basic Facebook Advertising and Adwords. 

But we know that's just a teaser because ultimately most business owners learn about the complexity behind the craft and decide their time could be more valuable elsewhere.

Just leave the marketing to us and focus on creating the best experience for your customers.

What happens if your agency is already marketing for my competitors? 

If our client is in the same vicinity, then we have to gracefully decline your invitation because we have a strict policy on managing conflict of interests between our clients. 

So make sure you apply as early as possible before your nearby competitor sees our advertisements.

This has happened before and to avoid miscommunication we will only work with the client who pays first.

What happens on a clarification call?

Our clarification call is pretty simple ,it will be all about you and your business

You can start by choosing your availability date after receiving our confirmation email.

Please be ready 10 minutes in an audible environment before your call as we work on a pretty strict schedule.

Here is the outline for how the call will go
1.) We will ask you some specific questions about your business 
2.) We will give you some tailored recommendations based on your answers
3.) We will also evaluate the information based and see if we are a good fit, if not we will let you know
4.) Lastly, if we are a good fit, we will just tell you more about our service we recommend based on your budget and requirements and if there is any on-going promotion.

Does your digital marketing agency have any guarantee of results?

We can't guarantee any amount of results because every business is unique and we do not have 100% control over your sales process.

If you are running a business, you should calculate your own risks.

What's the sole difference between a Foxfire Digital Marketing Campaign and any other digital marketing agencies out there?

Every campaign is different. In fact every agency is different. Learn more about us on our about us page.
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