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Not stinky leads that don't buy

It's a Marketer's Jungle out there

You are evaluating between vendors carefully because you know deep in your heart, marketing is a double edge sword that can make or break your business.

If we told you that we will never break your business, we will be the biggest liars in the world.

Why? Simply because we don't know enough about you yet to tell you that. 

But most agencies won't tell you that.

On the flip side, we can produce tremendous results that feel just like magic because other specialist agencies said it was impossible.

Such as turning $14,000 into $300,000 for a preschool.

Or helping a Swimming agency generate 50 non-flaky leads a month at a 20 times potential ROI.

Hold up, that kind of results is not for everyone, only if we are a good fit.

We have made it easy for you to navigate this jungle to confirm if we are a good fit.






Or you have already dip your toes.

and you are here because you are simply exhausted of all kinds of marketing promises.

 You just want customers

You have engaged that marketing agency to get you leads only to buy yourself into a worse state than before.

You have even tried doing the advertising yourself.

If you are still looking for marketing services such as the ones on the left, you have got it totally wrong.

But it isn't your fault because those who are providing these services have got it wrong as well, even the big boys...

Working with business owners hand-in-hand for years.

We have learned that...

Business are always looking to buy results, not some Facebook advertising service nor a top ranking on the search engine.


Even if you have the best Facebook marketer in the universe, you are almost NEVER going to get your desired results if you don't have your "Proof of Performance".

And there are a total of "5 Proofs" in this special blueprint we developed.

We are pulling back the curtains on this one special blueprint that we typically show only our clients who pay us between $5000 to $20,000.

If you are not a 5 minute video kind of person, you can read about it below.

Watch the video here

The one special blueprint for success

This may sound like a prophecy waiting to happen.

Here is the  prophetic "truth" of what will happen next in your business.


You start out with an idea, fire in your eyes and enthusiasm to quickly launch your idea.

Everything is still in your head, who your ideal customers are, how are they going to use your idea.

You get into development, talking with customers and finally coming up with the product.

You also gathered a bit of seed money from friends and families to start your business.

You have your proof of concept when you get your first cold market customer.


you are probably here

You start to get real world response from the market.

The good feedback and the bad feedbacks.

You improve until you have the best processes for delivering your products to your customer.

Most of your clients from this stage are organic ( Referrals and foot-traffic ), you have little control on how many you can get.

This cycle goes on for months until the pain of stagnant growth is too much.

Most businesses stay stagnant here due to the fear of incurring marketing expense or hiring.

You come to a realisation that you have to start spending real money to get more customers.


We can get you here

You stop taking profits and start reinvesting in the business again.

Instead of trying to be the expert on everything, you engage the Pros to drive customers to your business while you focus on closing and servicing your customers.

Your revenue Quadruples and you wished you have overcame your fear and done this earlier.

But with an influx of customers, you find that you can't cope with the additional servicing and administration that comes with it.

Your quality drops and you feel the pain when you start refusing customers because you can't cope.

Now you need more help in running your business.


You start to realise the importance of delegation. 

After scaling successfully, you find yourself with enough money to make some key hires.

While your marketing is being handled,
you need to start cloning yourself to handle different roles in the company like customer service, operation and sales.

You make your first few management hires only to find that their expertise and quality does not match your expectations.

You start to realise that the cost of hiring is more than just salary alone, it is the damages done to your business.

You also start to learn that getting customer isn't hard at all, getting and training talent is harder.

You start training or up-skilling your managers through coaching services by consultants and experts.

They start to perform and you are officially "out" from self-employment to the free "business owner" you want to be.

Your business can now operate without you on autopilot.

Your focus is now on cashflow management and business direction.


To grow any further, you need a system that can replicate itself over and over again at different outlets.

You figured that you need to start operating like a franchise business with clear operating procedures and on-boarding programmes to deliver the same success anywhere with or without you.

You document all your successful procedures, working with your outsource vendors to come up with resources for new hires.

You include software that drastically increases the efficiency of each employee and automate previously manual tasks.

Your next step now is clear, you have done all the hard work for the past few years and you find that with systems in place, bringing your next outlet to the same state will only take you 1/10 of the effort as when you started.

You can now franchise your business or raise funding with ease to build your business empire.

Now that's the dream isn't it?

Now this section won't make any sense if you didn't read the previous section. Go and read it first.

Nobody starts a business just to be stuck in a job you created for yourself. I believe everyone wants to see their companies expanding into international markets, providing for over thousands of employees and finally ringing the bell at the most prestigious stock exchange.
Shakeshack started as a little hotdog cart in Madison square.

If you observe the growth story of all the successful businesses in your industry, they just rapidly grow faster and faster. Their growth is literally exponential.

But have you ever wondered what have they given up to get their business to a state where they are today?

What kind of fears they have to face, what kind of risks they have to take in order to take their business "Franchise Ready"?

It saddens me that most of the business failures today are not because of increasing competition, lack of foot-traffic, bad location or just bad luck. 

Those are simply negative self-talk made by owners to stay where they are, the "safe" zone, the proof of concept zone where they will stay for years to come.

The numbers don't lie, people do

We have helped business-owners who previously have been told that it's impossible, break out into the scaling stage.

The lie
"I am paying $240 for this leads previously"

The truth
We got $8 leads for this client which are of the same exact quality.

The lie
"I spent $4800 with my previous marketing agency with ZERO sales, they say the market is bad"

The truth
We got 300k revenue from 14k ad spend

The lie
"My in-house marketer tried Adwords, he say it doesn't work"

The truth
"We got 1 huge client lead ( 300 employees ) within 1 day of running an Adwords campaign"

It is not surprising that some of the "truths" you know about growing your business are false.

Are you at proof-of-performance?
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We are not your generalist marketers which handles everything.
We can only help specific industries at specific stages which is the secret sauce to why we perform better than others. 

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