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How we helped a small local business grow 500% in a year with just a tiny $500 SEO budget

Written by Gary on 2 Mar 2020 
Are you are looking for an epic 6 figure growth story?

This isn't it.

Well we have helped one client achieve 6 figures on just a 4 figure budget but lets leave that story for another time.

This is kinda a $100 startup story rags to riches story.

You saw the headline and maybe you are wondering, is $500 a paltry figure?

Well in the world of marketing services, it is one of the lowest prices you get.

When I started my agency back in 2018, the minimum retainers we were charging were at least $1500/month for Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ).

💡What is SEO? 

SEO simply means ranking your website on Google's first page for your search term so your customers can purchase from you.

A search time like Bike Repair Shop gets 100 searches a month.

How much can an extra 100 customers bring for you?
There are always costs involved with every service, hence the price tag.

$1500 was what I assumed to be the minimum dose for a successful campaign - most campaigns under $1500/month in the market often fell short of expectations and fail to deliver any results.

Some are even outsourced to resellers for a huge margin.

I would never imagine the day where I will recommend everyone to start with a $500/month SEO package.

But if you asked me what can I buy today, I would only give you one option.

Here's the story.

A client came to us looking for help on generating for leads for his business. 

Let's call him X for anonymity sake. 

Client anonymity is very important in SEO.

He was a self-made marketer, posting his services on various free classified sites and surprisingly generating leads on some of this channels for a while.

But he struggled growing any further, there was an invisible ceiling to the amount of leads he had each month.

Naturally, he asked me for help.

X was honest with us that he had only $500 to start, and being a personal friend, I took on this gamble.

I didn't know what to expect. 

There was a little fear..

A little uncertainty..

To create an effective campaign for just $500 per month, many things had to massively change the many components in the service I was offering...
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