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Digital Marketing Solutions

Choosing the wrong marketing channel can differ marketing cost by up to 3 times.
Here's how you can evaluate the right channels for your business.
Customer Personas
We scrutinised to the finest detail what your potential customers are like and deliver targeted and personalised messaging to different customer personas
Precised targeting
At every single stage of your customer journey, different specialised tracking software is installed to see where customers drop-off
Quality Marketing Campaign design
We take meticulous detail when it comes to planning and executing your campaign

We focus only on services we do best.

No fanciful website or advertisements that do not drive results. 

Each digital media campaign is customised with the objective of driving revenue to your business.

We turned $1 into $14 through digital media when other agencies couldn't

Well we were amazed as well. 

This kind of results unfortunately does not apply to every business and that is why we take time to qualify if your business is ready for Digital Marketing.

But here's the story.

We were commissioned with a task to save a sinking business which had just encounter 
another reputable marketing agency specialised in their niche.

This agency unfortunately did not deliver any results even with $4800 worth of setup and ad spend, the owner was left with just a basic landing page and 90 leads that didn't turn up at all.

But these agencies can't be blamed, they have big overheads and have to take every client they see even if they are not confident of delivering results. And these big overheads that may not be even linked to your project may be transferred into your project fee markups.

Scaling their operations will also result in interns or untrained marketing executives handling your account so unless you are paying big dollars, that is the kind of management that you will get.

Digital marketing Agencies also scale their operations by using the same exact framework and while it works for similar niche, some agencies tend to become greedy and repeat the exact methods throughout their accounts.

Finding an agency that delivers results instead of talking about results is like playing Russian Roulette, and money will have to be shed countless times before finding the perfect fit.

So instead of business owners qualifying tens of marketing agencies with their limited marketing knowledge, why not marketing agencies qualify business owners before taking them on as clients?

And that's what we do at Foxfire, if we can't help, we will refer you somewhere else.

Does your business fit our Marketing Solutions?
Find out if your business qualifies
Do our Digital marketing puzzle fit?

Is our Digital Marketing agency a right fit for you? 

The clients achieving the biggest success with our programme usually have a stable cash at bank to last throughout the optimisation period of 6 months so that each advertisement delivers the most bang for your buck 💥

Let us know the status of your company in this form below so we can schedule a needs analysis session to find out
• Your Digital Marketing Strategy
• The gaps in your business
• Needs and Competitor Analysis

At the end of the session, you will have a clear vision on your Digital marketing roadmap and immediate actionable on how to
better your results.

If you have been qualified by our approved Foxfire Associate prior to this, you can directly proceed to choose from the list of
services recommended and make your purchase.

If we are not a right fit, we have also created a List of Digital marketing agencies that you can consider.

P.S - We only take one client per niche per zone to avoid conflict of interest so please check with your associates if we have a client in your zone.

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