The secret SEO service that your competitors pray you never find out

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Stop leaving money on the table

Customers are searching for your product everyday on Google.

If you don't appear within the first 3 positions, their wallets are probably fuelling your competitors.
This keyword alone has 140 motivated buyers searching every single month.

Depending on your average order value, that could mean $100,000 of extra revenue if you rank #1

These are the "filler links" that we do not include in any of our packages

  • Directories
  • Citations
  • Forums
  • Press Release
  • Blogs & Comments
  • Guest Posts

No Nonsense SEO

Most SEO services start at $1000 and consists of unnecessary mark-ups and premiums based on unproven trends in the market.

We have deliberately tested each of these trends and eliminated 60% of these fads

So you get the punch of a $3000 SEO service just for just $1000.

Slow and Steady

Safety and sustainability is more important in SEO than speed.

 Safety first  - All link building practices that are touted as "Safe" are still against google's guidelines. 

We build our own sites and control our links so we can remove them quickly for fast recovery.

 Low and Slow   - Build too many links too quickly and Google's algorithm will discount your efforts. 

Most aggressive SEO campaigns can have their efforts halved by Google penguin.
The tortoise always wins the race in SEO

This service is only for People who know sEO.

After gathering data about our best performing campaigns, we find that knowledgable clients are best suited to succeed with our service.
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This is not for you if you don't know how to appraise SEO yet.

If you don't know the different types of links.

You cannot evaluate our service effectively.

We do not do bidding against competitors quotes. 

We provide all information publicly and we are comfortable with you comparing it at your own time.

You are expected to fully know what you are buying.

If you do not have a long sustainable budget to make it to the finish line.

All SEO campaigns take 6-12 months to show movement. 

A viable campaign starts at $1,000 even after heavy package optimisation.

If you do not have the ability to sustainably provision budget, this may not be for you yet.

Package Details

All Packages require a minimum commitment of 6 months

Fox One

Perfect for low to medium competition keywords
Billed monthly
One Keyword
Only DR 20-30 Links
Average Outbound Links < 100
Handwritten Linking Content
Monthly Rank Tracking

Fox Two

Perfect for medium to high competition keywords
Billed monthly
2.5 x Link Power in Fox One
Only DR 30-40 Links
Up to 3 Similar Keywords
Handwritten Linking Content
Daily Rank Tracking

Be the #1 in your industry. 
Top of Google, Top of Mind.

#1 for Business to Consumer keyword

One customer has achieved a $4000 per month profits with 12 months of Fox One.

He is now on Fox Two to build a moat so that competitors can never catchup and take his rankings away.

From #30 to #10 in less than two months for Business to Business Keyword ( Update #1 now )

One customer has hit the first page in just less than two months for a keyword that can bring in thousands of dollars per month

Does your agency build their own tools?

Unlike other SEO resellers, we are really serious about providing results.

We build our own tools

We build the really popular "Foxfire's Free Keyword Rank Tracker" when commercial tracking tools aren't enough.
We also have our own custom-built Expired Domain Hunter ( Screenshot above ) which we use internally to buy the strongest websites the second they expire to add into our network. 

The traditional way for finding sites is through domain auctions and we hate that because the end result are irrationally priced links from "crazy auction bidding" that could be priced 5-10 times higher than what they are actually worth.

Google doesn't care how much you pay at the auctions, they only care about how strong the site actually is.

We build conduct our own tests

We don't follow theories blindly by SEO authority figures. 
We invest in R&D to test out these theories so that you don't have to. ( DYK? 60% of SEO best practices are irrelevant )

Through our tests, we have even discovered new SEO methods in different spaces like Youtube.

We have our own  truly private site network

We are not like the 95% of SEO agencies that just simply resell links from other companies.

We pride ourselves on building our own network because of the control over the legitimacy of the site and also the ability to quickly remove links during penalties.

On top of that, while it's financially tempting to sell our links on the marketplace, we never sell links to SEO agencies or in public because we want to protect the integrity of our network. We also reject direct clients who have a shady link profile because that endangers everyone on the network.

That means that our sites are truly private.

If you use a poorly designed service and Google penalised a website within that network, the connections are glaringly obvious and your website will be next to go down.

That could result in permanent rank drops.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Rankings

How long does it take to reach the first page?

Nobody knows. With the advent of many Stealth Techniques and Google's removal of the PR bar, no one can analyse your competitors accurately to give you an exact timeline to rank. 

If you urgently require leads to come in, then SEO is not for you, we recommend you try SEM instead.

What we do know is that the earlier you start, the earlier you get there.

I have attached a relevant reading below.

How many links am I getting in this package?

We do not quantify the "Link power" by the number of links. If you prefer quantity vs quality, there are tons of cheap vendors out there ready to service you. ( Example: Get 150 "High Quality" Blog comments for $7 )

Metrics such as DR and DA are also not as reliable due to both Stealth SEO techniques and manipulation. Most sites actually block tools from crawling them so they are invisible.

What we can say the every one of our links have gone through a toxicity test to make sure they push ranks and we have an in-house classification for the grade of links we have.

Our clients may also be getting more links ( Not guaranteed ) than they paid for because our new networks have little out-bound links but we cost our clients based on our maximum outbound link expected for each site.

What kind of links?

Really powerful PBN links that look like real websites. ( Some even have monthly traffic of 100 and more )
Please do not ask us to compare this to High DR citations, forums, comments e.t.c.

These "filler" links can be bought in the thousands for just under $10, just check it on Fiverr.

If you still do not know the difference, it will be difficult for you to appreciate the service we offer and we are not a good fit for each other yet.

Why am I only getting one main keyword in a package?

A common mistake that business owners make is trying to target too many keywords at once and before you know it, the budget runs out before even ranking any keyword on the first page.

The evidence is there on the 2nd page of your keyword. 

These are companies who have run out of budget to last long enough for the SEO campaign and now they remain invisible on the 2nd page and they will gradually drop even further as more people start their SEO campaigns.
Please note that the Return of investment for any keyword that doesn't rank in #1-#5 is effectively ZERO. It doesn't matter how much you spend on the campaign.
You can spend $100,000 to target 100 keywords, if none of that ranks, your campaign is a massive failure.

A more sustainable way is to focus on just ranking one keyword then make a profit from it and use the subsequent profits to reinvest in other keywords.
SEO agencies resort to stuffing many keywords and "filler links" to make their packages look larger because most clients are not knowledgable previous quantity over quality. 

That is why we only work with knowledgable clients that can think strategically.

Fox one or Fox two?

If you are new to SEO, Fox One is a highly accessible package to get a sample of our work and determine whether we can push ranks.

If you already know how SEO works, you can be more aggressive and go for Fox Two. 

Can I speed the rankings up by paying more?

We have preset limitations through your package to ensure that we do not hit Google's threshold. 

When the opportunity to speed things up arises, we will let you know via email to upgrade your package.

You are free to decided whether or not to upgrade as it is a strategic decision that should be made in-house.

The important question to ask as a team is

"is it more profitable to rank earlier?"
If the answer is yes, we definitely recommend you start earlier.
About Support & Service Level

Can I call you guys?

Nope, the rationale of this package is to remove unnecessary cost, that includes an off-shore customer support team.
If you are uncertain of which package is suitable for you, I suggest you go with Fox One to see how much rank improvements you can get from our package.

Do you provide On-site SEO service?

On-site SEO is best done internally by your content team that understands the products best. 
SEO agencies can only give you keyword density advice and if they were to do your on-site, it will either look like a bunch of robot generated text or you will receive a really pricey quote because they will have an in-house writer to do it.

The end result will still be no better than what you can do by yourself because you know your products and customers best.

Thus we do not provide on-site SEO services, we can only advise you.

Do you provide Keyword Research?

We do provide minor keyword research for a case-by-case basis out of goodwill.

New websites also should not find too many keywords to target as even ranking for one keyword can already be a huge difficulty. 

This is a distraction because Targeting everything means you are actually targeting nothing.
Thus we do not offer keyword research even if you pay us as chasing multiple keywords at once with our packages is not what we recommend. 

Excessive research also do not contribute to the end result.

Keyword research can be easily done in-house with search volume tools and a little bit of creativity and a lot of time if you really wish to do so.

How can I contact you if I require anything?

We will send you a support guide on how to assess your rank improvements when you purchase a package from us. 
If you do not see your question in there, feel free to shoot us an email.

Will you send me reports?

There will be no monthly reports sent, we will also not reveal the links we have built to protect out network and also the identity of our clients. This is a very common practice due to the nature of the SEO industry.

However what we will provide is a link for you to track your rankings daily so you can ascertain you get what you pay for, the rank improvements.
About Suitability

Is SEO suitable for me?

If you are not a fan of email outreach and cold calling, ranking on Google is the best gift to yourself.
The leads that come from SEO are usually ready to buy what you are selling and better yet, they are approaching you
so the chips are on your side on whether you want to take them on as a client.

What are the requirements to sign up?

We are only capable of ranking english keywords at the moment. 
Your website must also be over 6 months of age.

Lastly, if you have done prior SEO work and we evaluated your link profile to be risky, we will not service you as it poses a risk to our own network.

At this prices, the risk to reward ratio is clear that we cannot accept "risky" clients. ( Even if you are an existing client )

How much do I have to invest to see results?

We recommend you to have a steady cashflow before investing in SEO. The results can vary from profitability within a month to 2 years if you are in a very tough competition. 

But usually the risk varies with the rewards and your SEO efforts will pay off for itself in due time.

Why 6 months minimum?

While we have build a strategic network and process to pack this much value in our service, there are still setup costs that we have waived.

Payment before or after?

There are costs to our services ( Article writing, Hosting and more ). 
Your service will only start after payment has been received.

Will you send me reports?

There will be no monthly reports sent, we will also not reveal the links we have built to protect out network and also the identity of our clients. This is a very common practice due to the nature of the SEO industry.

However what we will provide is a link for you to track your rankings daily so you can ascertain you get what you pay for, the rank improvements.

Is my niche too competitive?

While it is tough to estimate the competition, there are still some very obvious niches that are hard to compete. Once you fill up our form and made payment, we will access your keyword difficulties and suggest low-hanging fruit keywords to you.

If your niche is deemed impenetrable from evaluation, we will not start the service.

What niches do you not accept?

We do not accept super high competition niches like health, pharmaceuticals, adult and gambling sites. 

Practically speaking, these niches are usually dominated by folks who have spend hundred of thousands of dollars, it is highly probable that you run out of budget before we rank you for these keywords and that looks bad on us.
About Safety

Will I get penalised by Google?

Any kind of off-site search engine optimisation is frowned upon by Google. That is to say there is no 100% safe link building  service in the market, even guest posting for SEO violates google's guidelines. Anyone who tells you otherwise that is either lying or delusional. 

However there are billions of websites online linking out everyday so the risk of being manually penalised by Google's Web spam team is low -as long as algorithms don't flag out too many "unnatural links" on your website.
That is why we have designed a low and slow package which looks natural to the eyes of Google.

However with that said, we do have experience recovering from penalties and we have implemented measures to reduce the risk of penalties.

What happen if I am penalised?

As we have full control over our Link Building service, let us know if you have a penalty and we will help you the links and teach you how to submit a reconsideration request.

Why is your link building strategy safer?

We have our own share of penalties and recovery and we know exactly how Google evaluates a website for unnatural link building due to our experiences.

Even most safe link building practices usually do not hold up to the test of a manual reviewer.

We focus on the control of our network so we can quickly address penalties and recover from it.

What do we do?

We provide the path of least resistance for businesses to go online.

Our team is based in Singapore and Malaysia and we have been building websites since 2013

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