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All about themes

What are themes?

Themes are basically pre-built web pages that you can simply install in a few clicks.

Themes allow you to get a website up and ready within a few hours and they allow you to change images, content and colour schemes.

What are the benefits of themes?

Themes are the fastest and cheapest way to have a beautiful website.

You can easily find theme installers to install a theme and customise it for you for just under $50 in just 24 hours.

These theme installers are a dime a dozen on Fiverr's marketplace, you are bound to find a high quality theme installer after going through the reviews.

>> Click here to go to find Theme Installers on Fiverr

When should you use a theme?

You should only use a theme if:

  • Your website is temporary - you do not foresee future changes or hosting it past a year
  • Your website receives little traffic - less than hundred a month
  • You are okay with fitting your content into the theme - no need to customise layout
  • You have a very small budget of less than $100

When should you not use a theme?

Let's talk about the indisputable cons of using themes

1. Themes have very limited customisability

You can only change the colours, text and images and that is about it.

Forget about changing layouts or adding your own unique style to the site, everything is set in stone by the theme's developer.

If you have a business that is ever-changing and improving, you will definitely want your website to suit your business instead of having a business fit into the rigid content structure of your theme.

2. Themes are only beautiful with the right images

Most themes look beautiful out of the box. However when you start using your own images, they begin to warp and deform into a mess because most themes can only support the "right" type of image.

If you are using a theme, you will slowly find that you will spend more time finding the right photos or even hiring photographers just to make your theme work.

A customised design on the other end looks at the content you have and how to better portray it.

3. Themes may lose developer support and expire

Yes, themes do expire.

Independent theme developers may decide that a theme is no longer profitable enough to maintain and stop support for it. In this case as you upgrade your WordPress, your theme may become incompatible and start breaking in various places.

It is also not sensible to hire someone to fix your theme because it is custom-coded by the developer, you might as well be paying for a brand new website.

4. Themes are bloated and can cause loss of sales

Themes are pre-package with files that help people to "edit" the themes. Often this files are unnecessary and each time a user visits your site, they have to download these files.

No matter how great your hosting is, the significantly increased file size is going to affect how long the page loads.

From the above graph, we can see that the average bounce rate for pages loading within 2 seconds is 9%. As soon as the page load time surpasses 3 seconds, the bounce rate soars, to 38% by the time it hits 5 seconds!

Imagine you have paid for 100 people to click into your website and because it loads slowly, 38 of them gives up and closes the tab.

The costly mistake of using a theme can mean thousands of dollars of sales lost every month.

If you must use a theme, do this

If the cons of using a theme does not matter to you, it's important that you install your theme the right way!

Here are our recommended next steps.

1. Get a theme installer from Fiverr

Fiverr, the popular marketplace for micro services, is not as bad as how agencies like to make it sound to be.

There are many quality service providers on Fiverr.

You just need to spend more time looking and evaluating.

Check the reviews, check their portfolio, just like how you shop online.

Awesome custom graphics for Foxfire such as our Foxfire Cyberpunk Girl and ValueFox are actually works of talented designers from Fiverr.

There is nothing inherently bad about buying service from a marketplace, it just depends on your needs.

2. Follow our Website Theme Installation Tutorial

We are passionate about helping businesses go online even if they do not do it with our service.

That is why we have created a Website Theme Installation tutorial back in 2019 which has helped many beginners go online.

The tutorial is only 10 minutes long and shows you exactly how to get your website up from Hosting to Theme Customisation.

>> Click here to visit our 10 minute Tutorial

If a theme is not for you

If you know deep down that a theme is not for you.

You still have to be really cautious about who you approach.

A simple google search from website design service shows that there are still many website agencies selling theme installations for $500 or more under the pre-text of being customisable.

It's all wordplay here, customisation only means Text, images, colours.

$500 is simply not the market-rate for theme installations, if you have watched our tutorial, you will know that there is very little knowledge work involved in installing a theme.

The best way is to ask for the agency's exact methodology of designing your website during your consultation and spot the telltale signs.

If you don't want to go through the fuss of meeting multiple consultants or asking for many quotations, we highly recommend you try our ValueFox Website Design Service.

Our website prices are fully transparent and they are:

1. 100% customised and made to order

We don't ask you to pick from a bunch of themes that we have. You get to tell us 2 website that you love and we will use those samples to triangulate your preference and build your website layout.

2. Best value to money ratio

We dare say that websites in our category range will cost between $2k - $3k minimum.

We are only able to finally reach our price of $957 because we have fully optimise our team structure and processes.

If you can find a truly customised website design service in Singapore that is more affordable than our package, we will match it, that's our guarantee. ( You have the show us the proof of their process of course )

3. Great website longevity

Our website are build with technology that is maintained by well-funded development companies that are in it for the long run.

Also, our sites are build using developer-level page builders so they are modular and require no custom coding.

You can be 100% sure that there will be no need to rebuild your website if you require new features/layout - your website will still be viable years after.

4. Low Bloat, Fast loading

We are using the best page builder for WordPress which is famously known for being the lightest weight page builder.

Websites build on Oxygen builder load speedily out of the box compared to other popular page builders.

This is important because as your traffic improves and you upgrade your hosting, it's virtually impossible to change your page builder technology if you need further improvements in speed.

This can result in loss of precious sales just because of choosing the wrong page builder.

Here's a fun fact - it is rare to find agencies in Singapore that use Oxygen builder because has a steeper learning curve and takes more effort to use.

But fret not, the difficulty is only for the person developing the site, it is made very easy for web admins to use if you want to make changes to your website.

You know, like text, images and colours.

Except it's not a theme.

>> Click here to go to our ValueFox Website Design Service

Quality website design for just $957

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