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Influencer Marketing in Singapore
The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing [ Updated for 2019 ]
( 4000+ Words ) 15 minute read

Influencer marketing is the next gold rush since Social Media Advertising.

This guide will provide you the tools and tips to select the perfect influencer for your business.
The Ultimate Guide to Youtube SEO [ Updated for 2019 ]
( 3000+ Words ) 12 minute read

Is it easier to rank on Youtube than Google? 

What are the opportunities for businesses on Youtube?

This guide will provide you the tips and strategies on how to get your video ranking on Youtube within 3 days
This is where things get really geeky and technical.
Don't worry we usually conduct our science experiments with our own websites or willing clients.
Hypothesis on B2B Automation

After testing through various channels one by one for the past year with one of our clients who act in the space of an HR software in Singapore. We have found that common best practices that most marketing teams are doing right now offer little to no results to the bottom-line. Particularly because the B2B […]

SEO Updates and new goals

It's a brand new year of 2019. Things have really changed for the agency coming this year. Update 1: Our Swimming agency has been doing great One of our partner swimming agency sites has been consistently ranking for a money keyword for the past few months, raking in a good income month on month. But […]

Does Google's Disavow tool work? ( And how long does it take? )

Here's a background on this article, if you have been following our updates for the past year, you would have known that our website has been an unfortunate target of Negative SEO bomb - When someone sends a ton of spammy links to your website. An SEO Bomb will make it almost impossible for your […]

SEO Case study #03 : Does Search Intent really work?

  We did an experiment on how Search intent affects how Google ranks websites and we were pretty amazed by the results   Our hypothesis: we believe that Google has completely changed their algorithms from exact match keywords in permalinks to processing search queries based on user search intent. ( We will get to the […]

What is the Google Dance and is your website dancing on Google?

Is your website Google dancing? Have you seen your site jumping in and out of Google rankings? Has your site appeared on the first page in one search and then jumping completely out of even the 10th page in the next search? Your content marketing ideas will be less effective if your website doesn't rank. This is […]

David's fight to take down the Goliaths in the marketing industry :A boutique agency's SEO Case study #02

This is an update on the previous article David's fight to take down the Goliaths in the marketing industry :A boutique agency's SEO Case study. After a month of proper on-site optimization and off-site diversification, we are glad to say that Foxfire Digital Marketing Agency has officially ranked #01 for brand name keyword, "Foxfire marketing". So […]

SEO Sandboxing, is it real? And one tip on how to circumvent it

An update on David and the Goliaths SEO Case study: Despite building a natural backlink profile and rigorous on-site optimization, we have found that our site has failed to rank for even the least competitive keywords. We have seen this phenomenon happen to several clients before we started this agency officially and most SEO experts […]

David's fight to take down the Goliaths in the marketing industry :A boutique agency's SEO Case study

If you have read the story, "David and the Goliath" is used in a situation in which a small or weak person or organization tries to defeat another much larger or stronger opponent. From the Bible story Goliath, a giant, is killed by the boy David with a stone.   So you must be wondering, how is this […]

How I gained a 100 views per hour on Quora
Gary Lim 

Are you missing out on Quora?

Before I get into how I got this amount of free traffic from Quora.

Here's why Quora can benefit your business.

Quora is a secret traffic source that not many people really consider.

To the average joe, Quora just seems to be a place where people ask questions 

While others answer.


Here my friends, is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Here’s why.

The viewers on Quora contains high-intent searchers.

People are asking questions regarding to the product/services.

They basically have the problem that you are trying to solve.

And hypothetically if they are too lazy to ask. 

They are searching on Quora for similar questions that are already answered.

Imagine your answer are right there on the top of Quora.

Loaded with tons of upvotes and social proof.

And it looks perfectly organic, Top answers are voted the best through democratic opinion.

Isn’t this a marketing opportunity of a lifetime if you could somehow get your answers on the first result?

That's not all.

The top answers get mailed via their weekly newsletter, the Quora digest to thousands of subscribers.

Here is what it looks like.

Over 40,000 emails were sent in a weekend.

This isn't even my email list.

Building a list of 40,000 will cause you thousands of dollars, even years.

That can be your answer, loaded with links to your website or service that you are trying to sell.

On top of that, I am getting 100 extra views on my answers the last hour.

It’s been crazy.
I hope you are interested by now.

Here is what we are going to cover today, buckle up.

To be continued

This guide is exclusively available on Week 7 of Scrapbook Series.

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