Book A Discovery Session for our Website Design Service

Here's what you need to prepare for the best experience

  • Read through our FAQs first to see if the question you have is already answered.
  • Know clearly what functions/features you need your website to have for your daily activities.
  • Keep an open mind to hear suggestions that our consultants may give you on how to achieve your solution in mind.

Things to note:

  • This is not a sales demonstration, we will only show you more product specifications and process if your requirements are a good fit.
  • To keep our discovery sessions constructive, please listen to and follow the agenda laid out by our consultants for them to conduct a logical step-by-step discovery.
  • We may not always be the best choice for you as while there a huge advantages, there are also limitations to the processes we use, if that happens we will let you know.

There are 4 outcomes to the session

  1. We are not a good fit for each other - we will give you a direction on where next.
  2. We are a good fit but you need to consider your options  - take your time and get back to us when you are ready.
  3. We are a good fit and you are ready to start - Make payment via our payment link and complete our website questionnaire. ( Note that you can ask our expert to conduct your questionnaire in the discovery session after payment. )
  4. Your request is a little unique and our experts will need time to discuss on whether we can technically implement your request within our scope. We will send you a follow-up update on our decision and also an invitation to book another discovery session F.O.C if you need further clarifications.
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We provide the path of least resistance for businesses to go online.

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