The marketing industry is booming broken

But first, to prove the industry is broken.

We had to prove that our marketing methodology wasn't a fluke.

Instead of asking for testimonials after the campaign, the biggest validation is when a client reorders with a larger budget.
And this time round we did it again.

It wasn't a fluke. 

We drove 15 more customers to her business.

They literally had to stop marketing because there are too many customers.

This proved that luck wasn't at play when it came to the different results achieved between two agencies.

But what I did wasn't rocket science as well.

What was different then?

Then I realised that no two agencies are alike.

Same same but different.

I then did my homework.

There are marketing agencies who started as web development firms and decided to sprinkle a little digital marketing and SEO into the mix to up sell existing customers. 

They are programmers by nature.

There are marketing agencies who started as branding and design firms and that decided it was time to let design translate into results by handling the execution of their ideas, the ads.

They are designers by nature.

Marketers are different, they are just interested in what makes people buy.

They are Psychologists by nature!

And because most of them look the same on the outside.

A better term I would say for choosing a marketing agency is like picking a lottery.

You really don't know what you will be getting till months later.

Who are the biggest losers?

The business owners.

So what is the insider tip on picking the right agency?

Start with why.
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Start with why