The Challenge: Can you shrink your service by 2/3 and still deliver results?

We knew it was hard. 

But it wasn't impossible.


You see SEO is unlike any other service. 

It is literally the only marketing field where no one has the right answer.

Ranking on Google started with just a beautiful algorithm, the PageRank algorithm.

????What is PageRank? 

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin created PageRank back in 1996.

It is a formula for ranking the importance of pages based on how they are linked across the web.

While the algorithm has changed significantly, you can see in Google's public patents that PageRank is still an important variable used in different algorithms.

But it has since evolved into a beastly algorithm with over 200 ranking signals.

This has led to a large number of differing opinions and also disinformation in the industry.

Here's an example of the latest trend in 2018, the E-A-T signal which stands for Expert Authority and Trust, helps with ranking.

Simply put, it means having an expert profile listed on your website improves your rank.

However, doing a simple search on Google on this topic and you can find two authoritative sites with differing opinions.
If you read the original Google's announcement, you would see that E-A-T is actually used in the Search Quality Raters guide. 

It is just a guideline for google's algorithm quality control team to determine whether an algorithm update makes the search results better or worst.

You will be surprised that many SEOs still do not know the real purpose of the Search Quality Rates Guide.

Here's another example that is more relevant if you are interested in purchasing an SEO service.

There was a time where people were selling guest post links to your website as "White hat Links", a safe link building strategy.
Is it really safe?

No, any sort of link building to manipulate PageRank is against google's guidelines.

We received a wake-up call first hand from Google that guest blogging is against the guidelines. ( The censored links are high quality and expensive guest posts )
No SEO is immune to this. 

Everyone has been guilty of acting on these "best practices" for awhile now.

Even us.

If you look into the SEO community is echoing this new trends without conducting proper tests.

Well this is good news for us, it means that there is a lot of redundant components that we can cut out from our services.

And the only way to determine signal from noise is to go into the fundamentals of what we know is true.

The first principles.

????First Principles

The first principles is a popular physics mental model used by brilliant entrepreneurs like Elon Musk to cut through the noise and find out what is true.

Reasoning by first principles means starting from what we know is true and gradually build it up to understand a topic.
And what better way to study what is known to be true than by studying Google's original patents to understand how the system works.

And that is what we did for months...

What do we do?

We provide the path of least resistance for businesses to go online.

Our team is based in Singapore and Malaysia and we have been building websites since 2013

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