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At Foxfire, we like to tell all our clients that no matter what industry you are in, there is always valuable content that you can give to your customers to build trust and authority.

In marketing, we call these type of content a lead magnet.

This content will not be given out completely for free of course. Lead magnets are often given in exchange for a lead, the contact information of the customer who downloaded.

After all, it is really hard to build a relationship with your customers if you lose all means of contacting them. Retargeting them with advertisements can be really expensive and impractical as well compared to just sending emails or text messages.

Here is a BIG list of content ideas for Business who know how to use Digital Marketing effectively. A lead magnet will be ineffective if you do not have the appropriate marketing funnels in place.

As promised, here's the big list! 

You can send us an email for your industry if it's not here, we will give you a recommendation free of charge and add it to the list.

P.S - There is also a simple rationale for each example to give you more clarity.


Hairstyling tricks for different genders and length and facial shapes.

This guide teaches customers the right hairstyle to sport for their face shape and hair length. Chances are, most hairdressers are not competent enough to produce the exact result that's documented in your guide so guess where they are going for their next haircut?

This guide also allows you to get specific and target people by age and gender, ensuring that you are reaching the right people with the right content.


A guide to baking your own fresh bread at home! ( With equipment that can be found in any home ).

This guide demonstrates your expertise and techniques in baking, it also adds fun and relatability to your brand.

Many bakeries have similar offerings and the true winners that make it have a very strong brand recall. 

A strong brand recall allows them to be Top-of-mind and open multiple outlets without the struggle of marketing by location.

Breadtalk doesn't do a giveaway or special discount everytime they open a new outlet because they don't have to. Instead, they give an islandwide promotion and customers find the nearest outlet to get their discounts.

Cake Shop 

Video Recipes for making your signature cake. 

Cake shops are all the hype and most of them are differentiating themselves by Brand and interior design. Not many of them survive the first year as they do not differentiate themselves by cake or baker!

Create a signature cake and give your recipe for it.

Be the owner of these cake and you will soon see long queues lining up to taste the "Original".

Here's an example of Christina Tosi, a very popular baker from Momofuku Milk Bar and her signature Birthday cake that people drive out of town for. 


Food & Beverage

Idea: Video Recipes for making your signature dish. 

Create a simple video demonstration of how to prepare your signature dish. 
The goal of this video is to portray to complexities and techniques needed to create your cuisine and in the scenario where the customers make it themselves and they like it, they will be sure to share it with their friends which give your restaurant a positive word of mouth.

A popular example of this is a video done by Jamie's Italian. Jamie Oliver himself demonstrated the quality of the ingredients and the mastery of his chefs, showing you that why his premium Italian dishes are worth every buck!


Idea: Video demonstrations on Skincare routines created by your Facial shop

This is a hit all around the world, from Taiwan to Korea to the US. Video demonstrations are constantly used in conjunction via Celebrity influencers and TV shows.

Those may sound really expensive but the main appeal of these demonstrations is there is actually a real person behind the routine. You can still do it at a cost-effective cost and distribute it directly to consumers via Facebook or Youtube advertising.


Idea: Worksheets and Textbooks created by your Tuition Agency, given for FREE

When it comes to grades, parents are all about results. But when it comes to results, almost every tuition agency can show you testimonials of students seeing an improvement in their results

So how do you differentiate?

Worksheets and Textbooks can really demonstrate the added edge that your Tuition agency follow's an exact framework when it comes to learning. It is also a huge authority booster for your brand when your agency goes out of the way to produce a piece of Original content.

You can also include various branded resources in your textbooks and worksheet so that in an event where your content is shared, the awareness will still go towards your brand.



Idea: Implementing your Curriculum guide for Stay-at-home mummies

Forget School tours, what better way to gather an interested parent by creating a guide to implementing your exact curriculum at home? 

While there are so many curriculums out there to choose from, a parent can never fully experience the full curriculum unless they go for a school tour. The only other way is to make them believers of your teaching methods and implement it themselves at home.

And when the going gets tough and Parents no longer have the time to juggle parenting and work, your Preschool will surely be the first option to consider on their list.


Idea: E-memberships or Loyalty programs for FREE

Memberships and Loyalty programs are often given out only after a big purchase, some of that comes with a fee.

We believe that is counter-intuitive as the goal of these programs is still to ensure that the customer is on your mailing list and returns for future process. So why do you even want to make money of memberships? Why not make money off selling products instead?

Giving a Limited amount of Free memberships every month will create more value and the concept of scarcity will increase your conversion rates at the counter.


If you do not find your industry here, send us an email and we will update this list!

Now that you have your content ready, which channel should you market your content in? Or maybe, you need some inspiration to take down the giants in your industry.

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