What is a discovery session?

To put it simply, a discovery session is a paid consultation that allows us to ask you the right questions to discover the following:
What type of website the right solution for your problem or opportunity?
An accurate specification of the website you are looking for
Are we a good fit to assist you with this solution

Why a paid discovery session?

In the next few paragraphs, we are pulling back the curtains to reveal the harsh reality of website design company's business model.

If you are running a business right now, this will make total sense to you.

When a website design company like ours runs advertisements to obtain customers, we are spending money to get in front of customers.

If we do not get enough customers, we end up losing money from our advertisements.

Thus every website design company's salespeople, whether they like it or not, are financially motivated to make sure that you become their customer.

That includes saying "yes" even if they know that their developers can't do it.  

When you sign on the dotted line, it becomes the operation team's problem.

But that doesn't mean that these salespeople are bad, it is just the rules of the game they have been forced to play.

Here are the financial motivations pushing a salesperson to "lie"

1. Prevent the company from losing money from advertisements
2. Getting commissions for each website sold
3. Recouping the "free" man-hours spent on your consultation

There is literally no incentive to disqualify customers. 

It's the opposite.

There is a bigger motivation now to qualify every single customer ( Whether they are a good fit or not ) because they have already paid the price to have a seat-down with you.

In a perfect world, consultants are fully incentivised ( Morally and financially ) to provide an unbiased diagnosis and prescription of the client's problem and situation.

So what is the solution?

Making the discovery session paid of course.

We are not sure why not many website design companies are not doing this.

It just makes perfect sense.

We have been offering paid discovery sessions this year and we find that customers are really happy because an unbiased consultation helps them to make a very educated decision.

It also takes away the social obligation to purchase a product or service just because you have received something for free.

So instead of offering "sales pitches" which are usually masked as a free consultation, making the consultation paid itself takes out the risk for the website design company as well as the customer.

"With paid consultations, both of our interests are aligned"

I am sure you would be happy to pay just $67 just to completely de-risk yourself from making a costly $1,000 - $10,000 decision right?

If you are already de-sensitised and tired by the countless consultations that are just sales pitches in disguise, here's a reminder of the value of a consultation.

Here what you get for just $67

You will get:

1. An unbiased/truthful opinion on whether we can help you create the website you expect
We will fact-find with you on the purpose of your website, the audience you are trying to capture and the functionalities and features you require.

If we find that your features are not aligned with what we can provide, we will let you know truthfully and provide you some recommendations.

If we can help you, we will run you through the entire process that we will take to create your website, you are free to come back to us a week later on your decision.

2. A clearly defined scope of work that you can bring to other website design companies

We will help you to clarify your features and functions and figure out any blind spots that you may be missing in your website.

This allows you to avoid any missing line-item that will cause you additional man-hours when you take them to another website design company.

3. Background Knowledge on building a website so you can stand toe with any website design company without feeling inadequate

Every business owner starts out knowing nothing about websites when they come to our discovery session.

At the end of it, they know the difference between domain and hosting, what is a content management system and they feel empowered to have a proper conversation with website developers to articulate on what they want.

4. Ultimately, a better outcome 
When you pay for our discovery session, you are paying for us to ask you the right questions, diagnose your problem and provide a proper prescription.

The solution is obvious - We are changing the system

We believe that it's the commission policies set by the company that give rise to unwanted behaviour.

"Our consultants are not paid any commissions, their performance is determined by how happy you are after your discovery session."

Most website design companies still put their sales personnels on old and dated tiered commission schemes which promotes treating customer's like numbers and figures.

They can say that their intentions is otherwise but their sales people will still err because that is just the nature of commission based consultations.

We put our money literally where our mouth is. 

All consultants are not paid based on each customer sold but instead, per consultation and the variable incentive based on the quality of the discovery session as rated by you, the customer.

What are the tangible deliverables at the end of your discovery session?

To summarise what you get in return for $67:
A clear direction of how to proceed with your website design project.
At the end of the discovery session, regardless of whether we can help you or not, you will get a document they can take to someone else and say, Here, build this for me.
The website vocabulary needed to articulate your ideas to any website developer
A presentation of our website design service process only if we can help you ( We don't do this for our customers by default )
The peace of mind knowing that you are not being sold on a really expensive website that you may have to rebuild months later.

Ready to book? do this first!

By default, we have already included all necessary information on our website with the standardised website packages we sell.

It is not compulsory to book a discovery session to purchase our service if you already know we have what you need.

For transparency, we have also have a broken down granularly:
- The price per additional page
- The Price per additional section
- And even the price for each additional revision round.

You can download the exact cost structure breakdown from this link. ( We will send it to your email automatically in the next 2 minutes )

If you still do not have the information you need or you have some questions to ask us in person, click the link below to book a discovery call.
Book my discovery call for $67>>

What do we do?

We provide the path of least resistance for businesses to go online.

Our team is based in Singapore and Malaysia and we have been building websites since 2013

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