Admin Notice: This tool has been disabled due to Google's update to it's API. Here is our recommendation for an alternative solution
( Not free but most value-for-money for it's feature )

Foxfire's Free Bulk Email Sender

The only Bulk Emailing tool you need

???? What features are there in this free email blaster software?

You can send up to 2000 emails a day
• Personalised Subject Titles
• Personalised Greetings by Name
• Track number of emails sent everyday
• Run directly from Google Sheets!

????????‍♂️  YES, it's free, don't pay a cent to use this free mass mail sender

This bulk email sender is free of charge!

Why? We are using Google's servers to process the sending of mails, thus we are able charge nothing compared to other companies who run servers themselves.

We do not gate the amount of mails you can send a day, it's totally dependant on Google's server quota.
Free Keyword Ranking for everyone!

Step-by-Step tutorial on how to send bulk emails with this free tool 

How to send thousands of emails within the next 5 minutes
If you are still curious to see how this tool worked before it was disabled, click here
To be honest, there are little free tools out there that works well, if you are serious about 
email marketing and you don't mind spending a dime,  see my latest recommendation instead, click here

*Important Update ( While I will still respond to every email, Please read this before contacting me ) 

This tool has helped many of you send 100,000s of emails in the past months for Free and made most of you money. However it pains me to say that it has since been disabled due to Google's API changes.

With that said, I honestly don't think there will be any other simpler free alternative out there anymore.

The next most cost-effective alternative is installing Mautics on your own server 
( Your server will still cost money and it's very complex to setup ).

I will not be answering questions about Mautics. 

Considering the effort and real time cost to implement Mautics, I would highly recommend you to instead find an already working software for a monthly fee and simply unsubscribe after a month if you don't like it or it doesn't get you the ROI you require.

Lastly, I do not have bandwidth currently for making a paid tool so please seek the next better alternative instead. ( Note - this is a paid tool )

Frequently asked questions

Why is this bulk email sender free of charge?

If you notice, this email sender comes with a little credit at the bottom when you send your mails. This allows us to keep the tool free for people who just want to get their message across.

What is the inbox rate of this mass email software 

It depends on the mail server you are using, but this software allows you to use Google's own SMTP servers which of course is trusted by Google. We have seen that the inbox rate for this little free tool can be higher than paid tools out there. By inbox rate, we do not mean promotions, updates or social tabs.

Is there a paid bulk email sending software available instead?

Yes there are other tools out there but if you prefer a lightweight tool like this, send us an email and we may consider providing a lifetime free edition without ads if the demand is high.

Where do I find emails to send in bulk?

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