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If you are looking for a FREE Keyword Rank tracker alternative, look no further. 

FREE? What's the big deal?

We have been looking for it too and too our despair, most free tools can only track on-demand, not over a frequency set.

Here are the prices you could be paying to track your SERPs alone.
SERPBook  - $18 / month ( 50 keywords, most basic plan  )
Allorank - $38 / 3500 credits
SERPRobot ( Previously SERPlabs ) - $9.90/ 300 searches 

Well, SERPRobot wins hand down in terms of its price but we have something better.

A SERP tracker that you do not need to pay a single cent for. Just join our Facebook Group and ask me for the Key ( Don't worry I won't bite )

Here is the feature documentation.

On-demand Keyword Rank Search

Simply place your keywords in the required field and press the "Find" button to immediately retrieve your rankings for each keyword.

What's more, each search result has no personalization, which means it's unaffected by any bias that you have in your user accounts.

You can search from any country and language to get the most precise results!

The sky is the limit and this sheet is programmed to find up to 1000 keywords ( The real limit is when the quota is exceeded for Google's app script )

Historical tracking

What better way to analyze your SEO actions by looking at it from a chart over a period of time?

Track any number of keywords for any amount of domains.

Simply click the "Track" button and our program will create a new sheet to track the daily or 6 hourly rankings of your keywords.

Again, the limit to the number of sites you can track is determined by Google's app script quotas.


Is it really free? 

Keyword Trackers online are not able to sustain a free model without upselling your various other SEO services due to the limited amount of requests that their servers are able to handle. Each request will cost them money in terms of Bandwidth.

We have decided to leverage on an existing server that's available to everyone for free, deciding that a single users capacity would not be too overwhelming for this Free server, that is Google Cloud, thus making it Free for everyone.

However, as we are still a budding start-up and we do not profit from selling data or show you ads, we ask that everyone make a simple credit in terms of a review and a link back to this page so that other users can use it as well!

If you are wondering, a simple link to a legitimate site won't hurt your SEO.

Simply add a simple line of HTML code that will be provided to your footer and fill-in your key domain.

Our crawler will verify your credits every time when tracking happens, in both the Keyword Rank Search and historical tracking. Do not attempt to remove the key domain and credits at any point.

PS - If you are a free-user and you cannot fathom giving us a back-link credit, please do not use this version and stay-tune for a paid monthly option in our 2nd release. 

Alright, how do I get started?

1.) Simply download the Google sheet with the app script included from our official download page

2.) When you launch the sheet, be sure to give it permission to run on your account.

3.) Fill in your Key Domain and if you a
This app has not been verified with Google, so you may need to manually bypass the Google security restrictions before using it.

Instructions are included in the Google Sheet "Instructions"


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