Foxfire's Free Keyword Rank Tracker Tool ( Discontinued )

A free keyword rank checker alternative to SERPRobot, Serpfox and other Paid SERP trackers out there.
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What features are there in this Google keyword rank checker?

You can track
• On-demand search ranking results
• Track search ranking results over time
• Track as many keywords and domains as you want, we won't stop you with a pay gate just like a Paid software
Update: Google has recently tightened their security on automated searches and that may affect the frequency of your searches.

Should you face an error for unknown syntax, please slow down your searches and try again later. ( We are in the middle of a workaround for this. )

YES, this is a free keyword rank checker, don't pay a cent

Foxfire Keyword Tracker runs in your own Google account's Google sheets on Google servers. 

That's why we are able to make it free compared to other companies who run servers themselves.

We do not gate the amount of Keywords or domains you want to track, it's totally dependant on Google's server quota.
Free Keyword Ranking for everyone!
Check your ranking on google website

Contribute with just a credit to use this free keyword checker

We are not monetising through ads or selling your data from this free software.

Thus we ask you for a small favour to credit us with a backlink on the Homepage that you are trying to rank in order to use this.

This helps us get more customers from our niche ( Our niche is highly competitive ), feed our marketers/developers and help them to build more free tools for you.

If that's cool with you, you can add this software to your Google Drive with a link that I will shoot your email.
Add to Google Drive ( Tool has been discontinued )

A free google website rank checker loved by many

Hundreds of happy trackers to date

user demand for keyword tracking softwarepotential french version of keyword rank tracker
many request to free rank checking software

Step-by-Step tutorial on how to use this free keyword checking tool

Check your website rank on google within the next 5 minutes
Acting on last year's request for a video guide on how to check google keyword ranking, I have went ahead and done it for this year's launch. Hope it helps!
Add to Google Drive ( Tool Discontinued due to Google's API Restrictions )

How do I use this free keyword checker?

Watch the video above for a full tutorial on how to implement it. 

Here are the simple steps to get it to work:
0.) You can use the check feature off the box after authorising the script, but to track you will need these steps below
1.) You will need to be able to insert a simple script into your website so that the tool can work.
2.) You will need to insert your website domain that contains the script onto the "Key Domain" cell on google sheet.
3.) Insert the website you would like to track in the cell on the left of "Key Domain" 
4.) Type the keywords you want to track in the rows below
5.) Press Search and it will show you the current results
6.) Press Track to track it over time!

That's it! It's really that simple to use this tool.

Is this tool free for life?

Yes it is free for life as long as you have your credits on your website.

Don't worry your data tracked will still remain on your google sheet even if you have decided to change your website or remove your credits. 

You can have my word that this free keyword rank checker is free for life after you have downloaded it. 

Is my data safe?

Yes whatever you are tracking or searching for is completely anonymous, we don't really care about what you do with it so have fun!

Why did you build this tool?

We built it because it is simply too expensive to track so many keywords as an SEO agency ourselves, we have a large volume of keywords to track. And since we are not in a software business, we thought why not give it out for free so we can get some traffic to our website. Everybody wins!

Will you charge for this?

We actually might.

To be honest this tool is pretty easy and straightforward compared to so many different tools out there. It does the bare minimum you need and it does it really well.

But rest assured if you have added it before we decide to charge future users for it, you can use your version for free for a lifetime. 

So act fast and claim your free copy.

What do we do?

We provide the path of least resistance for businesses to go online.

Our team is based in Singapore and Malaysia and we have been building websites since 2013

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