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How much does it cost to build a website in Singapore

The price of website design and website development in Singapore for a simple 5 page website can range from $1,000 to $10,000 in Singapore.

We are going to be giving you a very objective view as an insider in the website design industry.

Let's first talk about the factors affecting the price.

Factors affecting the price of your website.

1. The Developer's hourly rate

Let's face it, building a website requires a developer's man-hours.

The hourly rate for some freelancers that are just starting out can be as low as $30 per hour.

The hourly rate for senior developers can easily be up to $150-$200 per hour.

There are different ways of doing up a website. You may get a student to do it for just a $1,000 or get a professional to do it at almost four times the price.

You can even get a website done with less than $50 if you do it yourself.

2. The workflow of the developer

There is a vast difference in time spent on a website between rock star developers and beginners.

The time difference could be as vast as using just 10 hours to build a website for seasoned developers to using up to 200 hours to complete it for inexperienced developers.

One tangible difference is that developers often use Frameworks and Methodologies that allow them to not repeat any actions when designing.

Beginners who do not use frameworks will take much longer without offering any quality benefit ( even lower due to lack of frameworks ) even though more time is spent.

3. Other supporting costs

The miscellaneous cost that comes with providing the service.

This can include the following for website design agencies:

  • Office Rental
  • Huge advertising budgets to sustain the company
  • Developer salaries
  • Salesman commissions
  • Software subscription costs

What many do not know that 50% or more of the price you pay has nothing to do with the hours spent on your website.

A website design agency may be paying up to $500 to Facebook and over $1000 in commissions for the website that is sold to you at $3000.

On top of that, the company has to make money as well to cover overheads and operating costs. A reasonable margin for the company would be $500, leaving you with just $1000 worth of value to the developer working on your website.

For freelancers, they have less overheads:

  • No office rental
  • Little advertising budgets ( Usually they are able to sustain themselves by word-of-mouth )
  • No commissions and salaries ( They are self-employed and they control their labour costs )

This is the reason why agencies are not necessarily better than freelancers even though their pricing is better.

However, the big drawback for freelancers are usually the lack of best practices and proper processes which may cost a longer time to build a website.

Now that you know about the main factors affecting a website's cost, let's talk about our options!

Type of Website Design Packages and their price

Web Design Agencies ~S$5,000 and up

If you are deciding to develop a website for a medium to large business, a website design agency may be a great option.

These agencies are usually able to cater to complex solutions that a medium to large business may need.

Customisation is always discussable with these agencies and they are also really familiar with Government Grants and claiming processes.

Support will also be present because these agencies are well-staffed and usually have designated account executives to handle your project.

The big drawback however is mentioned as above, most of the value of your website will be lost to operating expense.

Most agencies will also do a 2-3x "Grant" mark-up to make sure they are maximising the value for each sale.

A website that would usually be sold for $5,000 may cost you $10,000 before any grants.

  • Proper development processes
  • In-house designers, developers and project managers
  • Account support
  • Great for companies who have big budgets and require a high level of support and servicing
  • The most expensive option, $5k is just a starter price
  • Guaranteed least value to money ratio in terms of quality of work

Freelancers ~ S$500 and up

$500 is the lowest priced freelancer that I have personally come across. And that freelancer very quickly raised his prices after learning about the sheer amount of work that goes into build a website.

Freelancers may be the most affordable option when it comes to having someone to design for you.

They do not have the overheads or supporting costs associated with agencies.

Which means that you are getting a better value for the price based on this logic alone.

However, freelancers are mostly self-taught and their website design processes may vary from beginners who are starting out to the really great experts.

Most probably, you can't find freelance experts at SGD$500, they are usually veterans and they know the value of a great website. The price of a reasonable professional freelancer developer ranges from $2.5k to $5k for a simple 5 page website.

Also with freelancers, the cost savings on supporting expense will of course result in the "Lack of support". Majority freelancers cannot handle many clients at one-time and some may drop the ball or even "fire" you and leave you with incomplete websites if they don't like handling your project.

This is perfectly normal because they are their own boss after all.

Companies have brands and they need to be accountable as an entity but freelancers are not as prominent and have less to lose when it comes to meeting a client that they don't like, they get referrals from clients that love working with them.

Another big benefit of freelancers is that they are usually more honest during scoping sessions. If they can't do what you say, they will tell you they can't do it because they are going to be handling your work later.

Agencies on the other hand act like separate entities, consultants who are not well-versed with technologies are incentivised to close deals regardless of back-office capabilities.

Guess what happens when you sign the contract? Any features that they can't do will be outsourced to yet another agency. ( This happens everyday )

  • Better Value for money
  • Easier to negotiate
  • They are not incentivise to sell you things that they can't help you with
  • You pay peanuts, you get monkeys
  • Difficult to find a great freelancer at the "best" price
  • Difficult to even find freelancers online

Do it yourself: ~S$50 / month

The lowest cost option of cost is to pay for your website with your own "developer" man-hours!

You can easily own a website just by paying for hosting and domain registration which should not cost up to $50 per month.

There are also a lot of free resources out there that teach you how to build a website.

There are also fully fleshed out themes that you can install in just one click to have a beautiful website in under an hour.

  • Technically it's free
  • Very fast to make if you use themes
  • You will spend weeks to months on your website
  • Even if you master the tools, you still need great design sense
  • Pre-made themes only look good with beautiful photos
  • Themes have severe limitations on features and customisability

Agency Traps - Don't even pay

There are actually website agencies that do not conform to our market pricing listed above.

All prices that we spoke about applies only to customised website design, this means that developers do not use THEMEs on your website.

They build your website from scratch based on gathering your design preferences.

These website design agencies that sell "customised" websites will usually tell you that they are only providing customisation for:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Colors

That is a tell-tale sign that they are using themes to build your website because themes only allow that level of customisation

Using themes defeats the purpose of hiring someone in the first place.

If you actually need anyone to install a theme for you, go to Fiverr instead.

They cost less than a $100 there.

Tired of searching?

If you are tired of contacting and evaluating website design packages and you want:

  • Agency quality processes
  • Freelance prices
  • 100% customisation on your website

It's unbelievable to hear this after reading everything we have written above but you can actually purchase our ValueFox Website design package for just $957.

At first glance, we probably looked like one of the website design agencies listed above but we could not find any way to classify our service within the standard categories we have listed.

We have created a new category class of high quality websites at really affordable prices and we are certain that with enough time, the industry will be forced to follow suit.

P.S - If you are curious as to how we are doing it as this prices, we have already solved all the developer cons listed above because we invested a lot of money and time into solving it instead of getting new customers.

Here is a summary of how we did it. ( You will understand if you run a business )

  • 100% Remote team in Malaysia ( No rental, much affordable developer salaries - Biggest cost factor )
  • Optimised Design Process ( We have been designing for years, we know what to avoid )
  • Low marketing cost ( At our price point, we do not have to spend much to get customers, it's a self-fulfilling loop )
  • 70%-80% Operations Automation ( Self-service onboarding for clients, even our hiring process is automated )
  • No commissions ( Our website does the selling and we charge for our discovery calls if consultation is needed )

Need more information? Book a discovery call for just $67 today.

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