Siteground + Wordpress + Elementor

How to create a fully functioning and beautiful website in just 10 minutes

Start here from Video Tutorial

Part 1: Domain and Hosting

Pick the perfect domain name and hosting from Site ground.

Step 1 : Click here to open Siteground in a new window
Step 2
Go to Wordpress Managed Hosting
When you have clicked the green button above and you are in siteground, go to "Managed Wordpress Hosting" and click get started
Step 3
Pick a plan that you are comfortable with
Choose a plan that you are comfortable with and click "Get Plan"
Step 4
Choose a domain name that resonates with your business
Pick the perfect domain name for your website and proceed.
Step 5
Choose the time period for your hosting
I recommend picking 12 months if you are not
sure of your idea yet.
Step 6
Protect your Privacy if it's your preference
Choose whether you want privacy protection

Part 2: Installing SSL + Wordpress

Let's install your Wordpress in your cPanel here's how you can access your cPanel.

Accessing your cPanel

Click "My Accounts" tab on the top
Click on "Manage Account"
Click on "Go to Cpanel"

Installing your SSL Certificate

Let's install your SSL Certificate first. This will give your website better security and rank better on Google
In your cPanel, scroll down to the Security section and click Let's Encrypt
Install your SSL certificate by choosing your website and typing your email
Toggle On for HTTP Enforce and Overwrite External Links to activate your SSL

Installing Wordpress

It's time to install our Content Management System so we can forget about writing any code
Click on "Wordpress" under auto installations
Click on Install now
Click Https In the drop down protocol and fill in your website details, Pick a Username and Password
Click Administrative URL
Login to your Wordpress Dashboard

Part 3: Installing our Template and Site builder

Click Themes under the Appearance Tab
Click on the Add new button in your Themes menu
Search For Astra, Click install and then Click Activate
Click on Add New plugins under Plugins Tab
Search For Astra Starter Sites, Click install and then Click Activate

Pick a theme that suits your brand best

Some themes are alright a match-made in heaven for your business. Try premium themes.
  • Co-Working Space

    Does it is ye nothing blushes up brought. Or as gravity pasture.

    Outdoor Adventure

    Never was the raven is ye nothing blushes up brought. Or as it pasture.

    View More Astra Themes

    Need something that fits your site exactly?
  • BBQ Restaurant

    As it be is ye nothing blushes up brought. Or as gravity pasture.

    Product Landing Page

    It prepare is ye nothing blushes up brought. Or as gravity pasture.

    Barber Shop

    Procuring education on consulted agent in do. Is sympathize he.

Installing a theme

These tips can really help you build up quite a sizeable Iphone movie collection, but only if you are smart.

Import the Site Demo into your website

Make sure all the checkboxes are checked and click Import Site.

Your site builder, Elementor should be automatically installed with this import as well.

Click view website when you are done to see your selected theme LIVE on your website.

Edit your website with elementor

When you are on your website, you can click Edit with Elementor to quickly edit the page your are on.

Go Crazy with your design

Elementor is a drag and drop site builder which allows you to customise your website however you want.

There are so many ways you can use elementor, I have attached a resource for you to learn about how to use elementor.
View Elementor Tutorials

Get a Logo you deserve

A smart shopper tip here: Don't pay hundreds for your Logo, Get a beautiful logo done for cheap on

You will be surprised at how affordable it is to get a customised logo for your website.

Congratulations, you now have a beautiful website.

Here's the video guide to how to create your website 

If you are the type of person who scrolls to the end of the page before starting.

Here's Step 1 again.
Step 1 : Click here to open Siteground in a new window

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