How to SEO 101: Backlink strategies and Quality Backlink providers

Written by Gary Lim
August 14, 2018

How to SEO 101

The only actionable guide you will need 

Congratulation on using our Free keyword tracking tool. It's the first step to learning SEO the proper way-  because what better way is there to understand how to SEO other than observing the effects of your SEO efforts on your own website.

Log down your SEO efforts diligently and in due time, you will see clearly, Google's secret sauce to ranking websites.

But before then, read this short guide on How to SEO 101.


How Does SEO Work?

Google's algorithms analyze your site and the web for a series of more than 200 different factors.

Well, that sounds like a lot to handle but experts on the web have already deciphered that the 4 most important things to focus on are the following.

The SEO space is changing really fast but the following remains the same!

• On-site Optimisation for Search Intent
• Off-site optimisation - Quality of Backlinks to your site
• Link Profile of your website to avoid algorithms
• Social Signals for the final BOOST

I will briefly go through each of these factors and why it matters.


How do I optimize on-site?

If you are not familiar with on-site optimisation, here is the best infographic for on-site optimization from Everything that you need to know is right in here.

On-site ranking factors

In short, keep your website to above 800 words at least and sprinkle some of your Keywords and their variations in your <h1><h2> and <h3> tags. A good practice is only to start with one <h1> tag and then diversify with more <h2> and <h3> because that is more "Natural" looking to Google.

However, remember not to overdo it, keyword density is something that should be done "Just Right".

Another on-site factor that affects websites is the age of your domain. Newer sites will experience difficulty in out-ranking older sites or get stuck in a sandbox.

Typically you want to optimise on-site until you appear in the top 100 of your targetted keyword if your niche isn't competitive.

This will allow you to see that your content is worth pumping a serious amount of money in it!

If you are in a very competitive niche then it's possible that you are going to need more help than that!

Use the Rank checker to make sure this happens!

???? Pro tip: If you have not bought your domain, do consider buying an expired domain that is aged and not dropped to build your business upon. Google loves old websites because there is less chance you are a spammer.


How do I get REALLY quality backlinks to my site?

Backlinks basically mean getting a link back to your website from another website. In most cases, each backlink comes with an anchor text, the text that you can click to follow the link.

Backlinks have proven time and time again to be a very effective way of getting your site out of the sandbox, boosting rankings for target keyword searches and establishing page authority.

Getting backlinks is a common topic that is debatable between the White-hat SEOs and the Black-hat SEOs but let's leave it to them to bicker.

We believe that any form of Link-building strategies is already a form of manipulation so let's focus on what is real, getting results.

Here are some methods to try

Submitting a press release using a PR syndication company
Pros: If you submit to reputable sites, it's a good way of diversification
Cons: Little power to no power to ranking your site

Guest posting on Blogs and News sites
Pros: You can get ACTUAL traffic which Google loves, getting your link of a high authority site is powerful as well
Cons: Pretty manual and time consuming and depends a lot on your outreach strategy ( If you are good at speaking to authors, do it! )

Niche edits
Pros:  Same as guest posting, you can get ACTUAL traffic which Google loves, getting your link of a high authority site is powerful as well
Cons: Manual but time-consuming ( You got to research on link opportunities )

Buying links off the web 
Pros: Fuss-free and controlled, you can even purchase super powerful links if you know vendors
Cons: You never know what kind of links you are buying because reports are often "confidential" to prevent discovery of link networks. 

???? Pro tip: Use the rank tracker to track "Dummy sites" to test link suppliers on, never test it on your own website, try your backlinks on sites that are already ranking and monitor their movement with the rank tracker.

Building your own PBN and getting links from your own network 
Pros: You are in total control of your backlinks and you know where they are coming from
Cons: It is costly and time-consuming to be maintaining a private blog network if you are not an SEO link provider.


Which is white hat and which are black hat? You decide, what's important is our Link Profile.

While people argue that White hat link building is more sustainable and less risky than blackhat methodologies.

What we have seen during Google's broad core update in August 2018 is that even pure Whitehat SEO sites have dropped in rankings.

So the moral is that nobody knows Google as well as you think they do, the best way to learn is to test every factor by yourself.

We will provide a list of backlink providers that we have tested at the end of this post.


What is a link profile? 

While SEO practitioners are getting sites ranked easily on the first page through optimised anchor text on backlinks alone in the old days. 

Google has gotten smart at recognizing which sites are manipulated by blackhat link building strategies.

These days, it's ALWAYS BETTER to be under-optimized than over-optimized to avoid a penalty.

A link profile is a summary of the quality of backlinks to your site, the anchor-text on each backlink and the speed at which the backlinks are obtained. 

•If you have too many spammy backlinks ( Bad link profile ) to your website, that's a BIG No.
•If you have too many backlinks which have Exact match anchor-text to your website, that's another BIG No.
•If you build too many backlinks to fast, it's pretty obvious to Google as well.

Here is our take of a natural link profile based on anchor text ratios.

50% Naked URL anchors ( e.g )

30% Brand name anchors ( Foxfire marketing, Foxfire )

10% Generic ( e.g click here, view this article )

9% Latent semantic indexing and long tail variations of the keyword anchors ( e.g Best Facebook ads company, Digital ads service that works )

1% Exact match anchor text ( e.g Digital marketing agency in Singapore )

*Important This applies to individual pages not your domain as a whole

???? Pro tip: If you just want to get your content out there, do consider piggybacking on a high authority website like medium and driving your linking effort to it. This is what is commonly known as Parasite SEO

Even if your efforts fail, you do not risk tarnishing your Link profile and using the Disavow tool ( There are mixed reviews with this )

There are also different kinds of Backlinks, Do follow and No follow. Do follow backlinks pass Link power to your website while No follow backlinks don't.

Despite popular belief, we have found that the ratio of Do-follow to No-follow has very little impact on our SEO practices, but it's always good to keep your Link ratio diverse.

User Signals? What does it mean?

User Signals are signals that Google gets when traffic is directed from popular Social Media such as Facebook, Youtube or Pinterest or even just Searching on Google.

It is the reason why viral websites can easily hit the first page within a week with little to no link-building. We believe that Google's algorithm has learned to determine what is trending based on User Signals.

You can get Quality User signals by launching Facebook Advertisements or Google Advertisements and getting real clicks to your website.


???? Pro tip: Do not just launch Facebook clickbait ads to get low-quality Social Signals, use it to really push your product and drive quality customers to your website. Getting the right traffic results in lesser bounce rate, longer dwell time and overall looks better to Google's algorithms.


As promised, here are the links that we have used and verified ourselves, just rinse and repeat and see your rankings improve.

Use this first for Brand Name and Generic Keywords
1.) 230x Link foundation for BIG diversification on your home page

Use this again for Brand Name and Generic Keywords
2.) 30 x cheap PBN posts for diversification anchors to link to internal pages that link to your money page

Use this again for Brand Name and Generic Keywords
3.) 50 x medium strength PBN posts for naked URLs, brand name linking to home page

Use this for Variations and Exact Match Keywords to ROCKET your website to the TOP ( Instructions are provided by a vendor )
4.) 10 x SUPER STRONG PBN post for exact match anchors and LSI linking to home page and money page

???? Pro tip: Number 4 is one of the strongest and safest PBNs we have used, be sure to make sure you do 1-3 right without rushing for exact match keywords as this vendor may even reject your business if your site link profile looks "Spammy". It's really expensive but it is totally worth it when you get the traffic and monetize it.
It's also much easier compared to finding "hidden gems" on forums and underground communities.

Well, that's about it!

You will still need a keen eye for spotting keyword opportunities to rank for as well as the patience and critical thinking to measure the efforts of your SEO. 

While this is a step by step plan to rank for low-medium competition keywords, you are going to need a lot more strategies to crush higher competition niches.

Too lazy to rank for yourself? Let us do it for you, click here

Have fun with the rank tracker!


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