Hypothesis on B2B Automation

Written by Gary Lim
December 24, 2019

After testing through various channels one by one for the past year with one of our clients who act in the space of an HR software in Singapore.

We have found that common best practices that most marketing teams are doing right now offer little to no results to the bottom-line.

Particularly because the B2B Decision makers are much more difficult to target even through professional platforms like Linkedin.

The cost of acquisition often outweighs the price that they are willing to pay which is why common marketing channels like Facebook and LinkedIn advertising are not recommended for B2B businesses.

On top of that, the benefits or ranking in Search are also downplayed by the fact that there is a limited amount search volume every single month split between different players.

Our next hypothesis to prove will be using forms of automation to mimic real user interactions and expose our client's brand. The strategy is to remain top-of-mind with minimal costs.

The interactions shall mainly focus on LinkedIn because we are able to identify decision-makers and industries by their LinkedIn profile information.

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