If you don't know TOFU, you don't really know marketing

Any experienced marketers will tell you that Tofu is the start of your marketing.

Tofu is in fact, where most of your potential customers are at.

So what is all this fuss about Tofu?

The cat is out of the bag, Tofu stands for Top of the Funnel and not just any Funnel, Tofu is typically applied to a marketing funnel.

You can also read this case study on how we are generating leads for our TOFU.


The Buying Cycle

To understand the marketing funnel, the first concept to understand is that every potential customer you have is at a certain stage in the Buying Cycle.


Stage 1 customers are not even aware that they have a problem or opportunity.

Problem aware

Stage 2 customers are certain that they have a problem or opportunity but do not know the solutions or the motivations to solve them.

Solution aware

Stage 3 customers are certain of the need and the solutions but not sure which company is best for them.

Product aware

Stage 4 customers have already compared products and know which product best suits their needs


Stage 5 customers already know that the product will solve problems, create opportunities and have to motivation to execute the action

Now that you know that each customer has an internal stage in the buying cycle they are at, the goal of the game is to push them through the buying cycle with as little dropoffs as possible.

And there is where a well-designed marketing funnel will come real handy!


So what's at the top of the funnel?

Now that you know that each customer has an internal stage in the buying cycle they are at, the goal of the game is to push them through the buying cycle with as little dropoffs as possible

The audience at the top of the funnel is those who are not even aware that they have a problem.

This audience would have very little to no understanding of the solutions to the problem to even consider between different solution providers in the first place.

The ONLY objective of the game at TOFU is:

  • Emphasize the problem or opportunity
  • Build credibility, authority and Top-Of-Mind for this problem


Most marketers make the mistake of going directly for the close during the TOFU stage and that can be seen as some to be too "salesy" which is bad for credibility when your customer reaches to solution aware stage. 

Setting a good impression is critical as customers want to buy and not be sold.

No matter how good your product or offer is, research has shown that emotion plays a really big part in the buying process.


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