Influencer marketing in Singapore: Is it effective in driving sales for businesses?

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PS This is not a post on how to become an influencer but rather a marketers standpoint on how influencer marketing can benefit businesses.

Influencer marketing has become a real marketing channel as more and more people tap on their own social following to promote sponsored products.

Whilst some companies may still tout that influencer posts are one of the hardest to measure, ( Trust and influence are intangible yet it's the bulk of the deal that you are getting ) It's undeniable that engaging influencers is a cost-effective way to get traction and credibility for your brand. 

Terminology: "Influencer Marketing" in this post applies to all campaigns that employ the use of an Influential person to promote products or services.

Here are the 3 main reasons you should consider influencer marketing for your next campaign.

Better Content

While this point does not apply to every influencer out there, some Influencers do create interesting content that resonates well with their audiences.

Night owl cinematics and their "Food King Series" which showcases the best local bites in a fun and comedic manner.

Influencers are adept with crafting videos, scripts, and genuine first-person articles. These content are relatable, promote social sharing, increasing the network effect of their content.

Having a real personality star in your marketing campaigns increases your space for creativity when it comes to creating relatable campaign angles such as Skits and short stories - After all these people are named influencers because they shared honest opinions about products and services and built trust among their followers.

Key takeaway: Influencer marketing can jazz up your click-through rate via the influencer's familiarity with the audience and the relatable content. You should use it in synergy with your Facebook marketing campaigns or other marketing channels if the content is good.

Brand Credibility

If you have taken Kirby's Coaching lesson on how to brand like a pro, you would know that celebrity endorsement can actually spillover to a brand.

Similarly, an endorsement by an Influencer popularised as a "Cool and Young" icon may set a tone for your brand to be preferential among the younger crowd.

Xia Xue drops "truth bombs" on subjects and becomes the voice of her followers ( Maybe she should really be an NMP ). On top of that, we think her content is really well-researched and speaks the mind of many Singaporeans.

An endorsement by a well-researched and no-bullshit kind of influencer may increase your brand's credibility as all the research has been done by a trusted person.

Key takeaway: Research the audience and brand persona of the Influencer that you are engaging thoroughly. How do you research? Literally, follow them on their accounts and observe the traction and comments that they get for their posts. 

Are the comments genuine?

Better yet, direct message some of her followers for a short incentivized survey to find out the main reasons they have followed him or her, if the followers are genuine, they would have nothing to be afraid of. It's totally fine to do your due diligence.

Bigger outreach

Influencer marketing has one of the highest probability to go "Viral". Creating a content worth sharing is already a daunting task for copywriters - Only 1 out of 10 posts may reach a decent crowd ( Not attributing to the size of your following ). 

If you put a Facebook sponsored post against the impressions of an influencer ( minus organic reach limitations ). The influencer backed campaign is bound to win almost every single time in terms of organic reach.


Because it always feels less of a product advertisement and more like a content. If you already hate ads running on your newsfeed, would you be sharing them with your friends?

Key Takeaway: It is unwise to count only the first level impressions offered by an influencer and not the social sharing factor that comes with his or her influence. Check existing campaigns for the engagement rates of contents that are similar to your campaign angle for a good evaluation. When in doubt, check with your Digital marketing agency.

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