Dominate your Location's Market Share

⚡️Local Domination 2.0

What can this do for you?

• Total domination of your market share in your location
• Consistent and stable revenue growth due to our perfect combination
• Visible increase in Sales due to our direct response ads

What is Local Domination 2.0?

The local ignition package is a blend of classic marketing methodologies that are proven by thousands of businesses in Singapore.

Simply spoken, it contains Facebook Advertising and Search Engine Optimisation as it's tactics.

But Local domination really is a strategy that guides this 2 technologies with these principles in mind.

We use only Direct Response Marketing

Each dollar spend will be focused on getting the maximum return possible.
There will be no Institutional Ads, branding or creative efforts that do not contribute directly to sales, non of that fluffy stuff that creative agencies pitch.

Every image, copywriting and the design of the marketing process will be super focused on generating revenue and traffic.

Every tactic is Location Focused

All targeting for SEO and Facebook will be laser focused to within 5km radius of your location, this allows us to eliminate all low quality traffic to produce the highest quality leads possible.

Timing is everything

Using Facebook or SEO concurrently is not enough, using them at the precise time and order is crucial to ensure your operations can cope with the influx of new customers.

This package is not for everyone

This is a package only catered for B2C Medium-sized businesses that are largely location based.

You will not be eligible for this package if your business does not meet these criteria

✅ Annual revenue 200,000 or more

The local ignition package costs $2500/month. This will be a realistic amount if your marketing budget is set on a basis of 15% of your annual revenue. 

This allows us to do our best work while you can relax sit back and focus on closing your customers without the worry of missing payment on your employee’s next payroll.

✅ Your customers are preferential only to locations near to them

Why the local ignition package actually works is it focuses only on a single location

This amplifies the impact of your Advertising budget compared to targeting the entire nation.
You can see up to 3 times the potency of your advertising spend when we narrow down our focus to just within your radius.

✅ Your customer has a life-time recurring value and loyalty perks

Your customers typically come to the same business throughout their lifetime.

Here are some businesses that this applies to
• Dentists

• Tuition Agencies

• Preschools

• Saloon

• Facial

• Aircon Servicing

• Gym Memberships or Yoga Classes

If we were to describe Local Domination 2.0 in a Paragraph

While there are many ways to use Facebook advertising and SEO, Local domination 2.0 is a sharpened knife with very focused objectives to achieve - that is to get more customers for your business in the most cost-effective way.

Yes I am qualified, how do I apply?

Simply submit your request to our contact form and include your website so we can determine your niche and area of operations.

Frequently asked Questions

What if I just want to use Facebook or SEO?

We are okay if you have a strict preference for a certain methodology, there are individual service packages for that.

Does Local Domination 2.0 work?

We crafted the local domination package based on an existing client. 

We brought them almost 14x ROI with a combination of both methodologies. 

They have recently stopped marketing with us due to inability to cope with the influx of customers which resulted in this new package to deliver a more consistent stream of customers.

We think that is a good problem to have.

What happens after I sign up?

You will meet with one of our selected consultants to qualify your business.

As mentioned above, this package is not for everyone and we will need to find out more about your business requirements before extending an offer for this package.

Think of it like a doctor’s consultation, our consultant will ask you very important questions based on your symptoms and diagnose what kind of solutions you require to bring you to the next stage.

Upon meeting confirmation, we will lock in your interest and reject all other clients from your industry and area.
You do not have to decide on the spot, you can go back and think about it.

Within a week, our consultant will open up applications again for your niche and area for other businesses to apply. 
You will not be allowed to apply again if that happens.
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