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Exclusive WordPress Hosting Service only for Foxfire Clients

Long story short, hosting providers suck.

We have created this service out of frustration because our trust in popular hosting providers make us look bad.
And they will make you look bad too. Here's why.
You never get what you pay for
They can promise you unlimited bandwidth and ram but under the hood, you are sharing a tiny server with many neighbours.

Don't believe us? Ask your hosting provider how many neighbours you have.
Website broken? It must be your fault.
Is your website taken down due to congestion in one server? 

They will never tell you the truth, they will just conveniently shift you to the next "Less congested server".
Speed and Reliability Matters
It will be the biggest shame when your website goes viral, or you launch an expensive ad campaign only to send customers to a 500 page.

And it's a shame that we are speaking from experience.

"How many neighbours do you think you have?"

"It's not our server, it's your website, but we will shift you to another server"

"Website going viral? 
How about a 500 Internal Server Error?"

Your website deserves some proper hosting

Starter Plan

Perfect for new websites
5 GB SSD Diskspace
100 GB bandwidth guaranteed
Best for 25000 Monthly Visits
Email support


Perfect for sites gaining traction
Billed monthly
10 GB SSD Diskspace
500 GB bandwidth guaranteed
Best for 50000 Monthly Visits
Email support


Perfect for high traffic websites
Billed monthly
50 GB SSD Diskspace
1 TB bandwidth guaranteed
Best for 100,000 Monthly Visits
Email support

What is our bandwidth guarantee?

Unlike other Managed WordPress hosting companies that refuse to tell you the exact server resource allocation or promises "Unlimited Bandwidth".

Your websites are hosted on their own Virtual Private Server, your resources are dedicated and will not be shared with anyone on our plans.

Quick Questions on our Setup

Where are your servers located?

Your website will be hosted on a VPS in a Vultr Data center closest to you.
If you are in Singapore, it will be hosted in the Singapore Data Center which results in the lowest latency ( Faster sites )

Do you own the data center?

No, and why should we?

The hardware experts like AWS, GC, DO and Vultr are the experts at maintaining and providing reliable servers for most of the popular applications you use today.

In fact, raw bare-metal servers are extremely economical right now.

The only value-gap in this supply chain to get your website online is the hosting service and there is where we will cover.

What is Managed WordPress hosting? Why can't I purchase server space myself?

Purchasing a server space is like renting an empty plot of land.

Unless you know what to do with it, it's useless.

A server cannot be used without installing the proper software, security and configuration for your use case.

Managed hosting takes care of that. 

And Managed WordPress hosting makes sure your server's a primed to run the speediest form of WordPress.

Our Hosting service ensures that your servers are backed up and monitored so you do not face any unintended mishaps.

Of course, if you are a trained system administrator ( Or you intend to hire one just for this purpose ) you can do it yourself as well.

Will I have any neighbours?

Yes you will, we use VPS within a huge server to host our clients with hard limits on individual traffic.

To put it simply, the big difference between VPS and shared hosting is that in VPS everyone has their own designated room.

If somebody is having a party in another apartment, their visitors will not casually stroll into your room and utilise your resources.

On the other hand, If your website blows up, you are going to have to procure more space because it's only fair. ( You will probably already make back the money from your website anyway ).

Are your server metrics accurate?

Yes, we procure our VPS from Vultr, their plans are completely transparent along with their total resource allocation.

We charge a simple server management fee and hosting markup that takes care of all the geeky stuff so you can have a high performing site without touching the terminal.

Despite our higher value, our plans are still much more affordable than major competing players out there.

Where is the buy now button?

This is a private service only for websites build with Foxfire. We are not intending to focus on the hosting business, this service is started so we can have greater reliability when running our campaigns.

What do we do?

We provide the path of least resistance for businesses to go online.

Our team is based in Singapore and Malaysia and we have been building websites since 2013

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