Multi Channel Marketing 101: How using different platforms can guarantee your campaign success

Written by Gary Lim
May 22, 2018

What is Multi-Channel Marketing?

Multi-channel marketing basically means employing a single digital marketing strategy across multiple platforms where your audience is at. Every customer is unique in the way they explore or interact with businesses, yours included. Multi-Channel marketing gives them a choice to use a platform that they are most comfortable with to experience your business or brand.

Netflix over movies? ūüėČ

There are many channels and even sub-channels of marketing popping up every day
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Google Search
  • Banner Ads
  • In-app Banner Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • In Car Advertising
  • Influencer marketing

and the list goes on and on

The key reason why new channels are continuously being created is the shifting attention of our audience. Our millennials are choosing Netflix over Television, our Baby boomers are interacting with iPads and other gadgets now.

The world is changing, is your single-platform marketing strategy still relevant today?

What is the importance of Multi-Channel Marketing


Trending on youtube? Check your google analytics ūüďą

Having so many channels means your potential customers are spread out over a wide range of mediums. Your advertisements need to be in front of as many of them wherever they are.

Multi-Channel marketing also helps you to diversify the risks of your digital strategy- I mean, why would you put your eggs all in one basket?

Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing

Synergistic Growth

Multi-channel marketing brings about synergistic growth even in other platforms. It results in greater brand recognition and more touch points with your customer for them to make the purchase.

Example, a viral video on Youtube can result in more google searches, which in return bumps up the relevancy of your Google advertisements.

Spot opportunities

Multi-channel marketing also allows you to spot opportunities on different platforms, giving you a birds-eye view of your digital marketing strategy. Different platforms have different advantages over each other in terms of audience engagement, platform capabilities, and even the experience that the platform gives.


The complexities of Multi-Channel Marketing

With more platforms,  There are more requirements in individual expertise in each channel on top of your Multi-Channel marketing strategy.

72% of consumers prefer an integrated marketing approach, yet some businesses are still hesitant to dive into cross-channel marketing due to the complexities of managing multiple channels.

There are also different considerations such as which channel complements each other better and how do you acquire the extra manpower needed to manage each channel.

Poor management and strategy can in-fact result in a disaster on multiple platforms.

Worry not, we have a proven Multi-Channel marketing strategy combining the expertise of various masters of their craft.

Being marketers of our own business, we have explored and too researched into different channel combinations to better reach our customers and our client's customers.

This gave us the opportunity to touch base with different platform providers, negotiating better deals for our clients as well as getting timely consultations with these platform experts

From targeting young social media savvy customers to working-class professionals, mummies to daddies, we have curated the right platforms for you.

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