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No code is the future

If we build websites in Binary

Binary (Machine code ) is the earliest form of programming language. If anyone coded a website in Binary, it would take them dozens of developers and many years just to get a working 10 page website.

The reason why we got to our popular programming languages today is due to abstraction.

Abstraction is basically the concept of making things easier to use, which means that developer do not have to really understand the 1s and the 0s just to make IF/ELSE statements.

The same is happening today for programming languages with the new era of no-code development.

What is no-code development?

No-code development is basically allowing developers to create programmatic solutions without writing a single line of code.

Building your site with WordPress and using a page builder is already part of no-code development. It would usually takes months to even get a Subpar version of a CMS like WordPress completed.

The benefits of this is:

  • Less dependancies on any programming language
  • Less depth and expertise require in any language
  • Much faster speed to get solutions working
  • Easier to hire no-code developers because it's easier to learn and operate
  • Easier to maintain your website without maintaining the code base

But what are the cons of no-code today?

  • May not be able to handle highly complex solutions right now
  • Dependant on the no-code service providers ( For example WordPress for updates )

Who should use no-code?

We believe that if you are not building anything that is highly complex such as A.I, Blockchain or other upcoming technologies...

Your website should be 100% no-code.

There is no reason why you should have in-house programmers unless you are building a technology solution.

Even many technology startups have decided to adopt a no-code system for their front-end sales pages because it is simply easier and to maintain and quick to operate at a much lower cost for their marketing team.

This helps them to avoid the need to ask their $10,000 per month salaried developer to change a little text on their homepage.

Some popular billion dollar startups that choose to use WordPress for their website are Instacart, Yik Yak, CyberDust and Zenefits.

Even our entire Foxfire Marketing Automations are no-code ( From our applicant tracking system to our Client Onboarding system ).

The verdict

The cons of not using code is a non-problem that will eventually be solved just like how we switched from using assembly to popular programming languages today.

It is simply still at the stage of early adoption and a matter of time that the really tangible benefits such as being faster to deploy, cheaper to produce, easier to maintain will be felt by more industry players.

No-code is also the reason why we are able to deploy powerful websites with our Dynamic Fox package at just $1957 ( Would usually cost you an arm and a leg and a lifetime of costly maintenance fees ).

If you are building a website today, build it for the future.

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