The Revelation.

Oh where were we? 

Oh yes, patents.

I don't want to bore you with all the minute details.

This has gotten a little too technical that you are probably quarter an SEO expert by now.

I will just show you a diagram in one of the patents to illustrate how technical it looks and why most SEOs shy away from this.

A diagram on How google ranks pages
Long story short...

We discovered that 50% of the previous "Best practices" we have done in terms of man-hours did little to push rankings.

Removing all these redundant processes shaved off 50% of the resources ( Time and Money ) required to improve our effectiveness.

That's 1/2 completed.

How did we achieve the remainder?

The next thing we did to achieve the  has to do more with productising our service.

Most SEO agencies will charge for only two services:

1. On-site/On-page Optimisation -Tinkering and Tweaking things on your website.
2. Off-site/On-page Optimisation - Building quality links to your website to boost power

Our in-depth scrutiny over our process showed that tweaking things on your website is better done by the person who created the site or manages the site.


It takes us almost double the hours than your website designer to:
• To understand how the website was built and change it
• Clear privacy concerns and obtain all the hosting and login details
And most agencies have to transfer the inefficiencies as cost to the customer.

We have decided to remove it from our service offerings, which means less business for us.

However, on-site/on-page optimisation is still very essential to rankings. 

It is like the roots to the tree that determines how tall the tree can grow. 

That is why we created an On-site optimisation course that does the job for a fair price.

Well you already know enough, it's time to see the results.


Want to take our online course to improve your Google Rankings?

Engaging an SEO to do your On-page optimisation can start from $1500 onwards, you can now do it yourself for a teeny-tiny fraction of that price.
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From #100 to #1 in 90days

We built a custom tool for tracking multiple keywords by the minute, it was discontinued due to google's policy changes.

Above is the timeline that and actions we took to achieve the first results.

This is a relatively easy keyword to rank for with some search volume. 

With our on-site optimisation course, X has managed to push the rankings by himself to #25, page 3. 

They keyword wasn't even in the top 10 pages before that.

With the starting budget, we build some links regularly to the website and soon it reach #1.

Ranking for this keyword brought in an extra $500 in profits per month for X after the first lead came in.

And yes you read that right, it's pure profits.

He doesn't have to spend anymore just to keep that tap open. 

Being a believer now, X reinvested everything he earned to conquer other keywords.

And to date, we have conquered many other larger keywords.

Keywords are censored for privacy purposes, this is a common practice in SEO

Each keyword in the top 5 opened another tap of customers to the business, and these were tougher keywords with larger search volume.

This kind of success was rare with our clients because many clients give up too early, or have poor cashflow and thus are unable to wait for their investment to reaps rewards

But once you start profiting from one keyword, it's really easy to continue.

SEO will feel like a sea of endless opportunities to capture.

With a huge net of leads with every new "Fishing spot" acquired.

And with that came a mountain of hot leads on autopilot in his inbox every single month.

And once again, X didn't have to pay for these leads if he stopped SEO right now.

But why would he stop?

There are still many #1 keywords to conquer.

And we are really excited to rewrite this entire case study into how we helped a local business achieve 6-figures just from a $500 investment.

That would make a sensational story.

Are you ready to get a tap of customers from Google for yourself?

Start with $500. ( Update: Packages now start at $1000 )

What do we do?

We provide the path of least resistance for businesses to go online.

Our team is based in Singapore and Malaysia and we have been building websites since 2013

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