SEO Updates and new goals

Written by Gary Lim
July 9, 2019

It's a brand new year of 2019.

Things have really changed for the agency coming this year.

Update 1: Our Swimming agency has been doing great

One of our partner swimming agency sites has been consistently ranking for a money keyword for the past few months, raking in a good income month on month.

But these time around, we are gunning for a better keyword in the private swimming agency space, private swimming lessons with pretty moderate difficulty.

In fact, after observing the local SEO scene, we realized that most traditional businesses are still not up to date on Google's ability to bring more customers on autopilot.

We have also started a private tuition agency on the side.

We have also managed to hit the number one ( From 31 ) ranking for a software company but however, the rankings drop over 2 weeks due to Google's broad core algorithm update in June 2019.

So an SEO's efforts is never fool proof because SEOs are constantly playing hide and seek with Google's algorithms.

Update 2: SEO is changing

We have since lost the usage of our proprietary keyword rank checking tool. This has slowed our SEO tests on various properties we own but one thing is for sure.

SEO is changing.

It is really time to rewrite the rules on which googles algorithms work on.

We have started to see younger websites outranking bigger sites that have significantly more "Authority".

We have seen websites disregarding the penguin penalties with over optimised anchor texts.

I would say the machine has been learning quite a bit and anchor text ratios are constantly being adjusted automatically.

Update 3: We have started going into e-commerce

What is a Facebook marketing agency good for if they can't even market their own products?

We have decided to take our extra bandwidth this year to personally explore into our own e-commerce brand.

Bypassing the manufacturing options, we have decided to cover only the front-end acquisition by adopting a drop shipping model.

Our initial results attest that e-commerce isn't just a walk in the park and it may be slightly more difficult the lead generation for Local companies.

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