Small business problems are real

You have unique problems like us

Lack of Money

We did not have a large cashflow.

That crippled our options when it came to relocation.

When we decided the location was bad.

We couldn't move.

Lack of Business Expertise

Other than creating a great product...

There are still other business functions to handle.

You need to somehow be expert at ALL of that to really succeed.

Lack of Processes

This meant a lot of chances for hiccups and miscommunications to happen.

Running a business is like fighting fire everyday.

And that created a lot of uncertainty in the business.

even between business partners...
We shut the store in 2017 and went our separate ways.

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What do we do?

We provide the path of least resistance for businesses to go online.

Our team is based in Singapore and Malaysia and we have been building websites since 2013

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