Social Media Agency Services

Low-cost and Highly effective for B2C companies, Social Media marketing is the best medium to reach out to engaged shoppers.

We deploy our Social Media campaigns primarily through Facebook and Instagram

Core methodology

No fancy ABCDEFG frameworks, focusing on the basics with Social Media Marketing works every single time

Step 1: Customer Research

We conduct User Persona studies on existing clients or competitor's fans to find the fans that produce the highest ROI For your business

Step 2: Targeting and Optimisation

Targeting your customers precisely is not enough. 

Ad Fatigue happens over time and the test of a true marketer is to continually engage and keep advertising costs low.

Step 3: Experiential Funnel Design

We pride ourselves on designing experiential customer journeys that make your customers buy without feeling SOLD. 

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What is an experiential funnel?

Experiential funnel stimulates emotions in a congruent manner throughout the customer's journey.

Stimulates emotions

What differentiates a boring scrollable ad and an experience is the ability to create emotional triggers

Congruent Journey

You can't start a good book from the middle. 

Customers follow a sequential marketing story that we craft for your business

Engaging Content

We have broken the code to engagement and anticipation through Chat bot marketing.

Facebook Advertising Case Study

A Facebook Marketing Contest that resulted in one of the best performing sales event in the region 

Over 380,000 people reached

A well-timed and carefully crafted campaign by the ZAKKASG team with our consultations led to one of the most Viral Local post in Singapore which started with just a post engagement budget of $8

Roaring Sales in high 6 figures within 1 week 

Have you seen an atrium queue this long? We haven't.

The event turned out to be one of the best in the region and most of the marketing is done primarily through Facebook 

Ready for Action?

Let us bring you more customers with marketing that pays for itself

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