Why content marketing is king at the top of the marketing funnel

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If you haven't read about what the Top of the Funnel is, read it here.

The top of the funnel basically aims to spread awareness and create a brand buzz among your potential customers.

What is the KING activity that is essential in the Top of your funnel?

Content Marketing

If you are reading this post, you are reading the specially crafted content marketing articles dedicated to business owners that are still learning about Digital Marketing.

Content marketing is basically writing great content that will help your customers achieve quick success or enlightenment on problems that they are facing.

This adds credibility and authority to your brand in the mind of your customers, allowing you to remain relevant when they have finally reached the consideration phase.

Content marketing also helps educate your customers about the potential problems that they will face and maybe how your solution can help alleviate their problem.

Writing good content is absolutely essential to ALL top of the funnel activities be it blog posts, SEO articles, emails, forum posts and all sorts of channels where potential customers can consume your content.

Now you know why they say " Content is King".

What kind of content can I write?

There are always small problems that your customers are looking for when they enter your niche. Where they can find you is pretty important as well so make sure your site isn't sandboxed.

For Example, Pest control companies can write about

  • Various species of ants
  • Home remedies for dealing with ants
  • 5 signs that you may have an ant-infestation brewing
  • Types of industry methods to eliminate ants once and for all

These are just some examples of content that are not directly selling your customers, typically home-owners do not turn to professional solutions until they have exhausted all their options.

So what are the chances that they will pick a competitors services over you when they have been reading your blog posts during their ordeal? Little

Especially when you have collected their emails or set them up in your retargeting pixel. A retargeting campaign will ensure that you get your bottom of the funnel message to them at the right moment while your competitors are still promoting top of the funnel messages.

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