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1.) Hidden Customer opportunities, 
2.) Competitions and 
3.) The path of least resistance to dominating the search engine.


Please don't confuse this audit for an audit done by an automatic SEO tool. 
The manual audits we do these take time and effort and thus we require you to provide us the best information possible.
Submissions with any missing information request will be ignored.

Would you trust your business decisions to free tools?

Let me share with your briefly why I hate automated SEO audit tools online.

They instil a false sense of accomplishment in business owners.

Business owners are overjoyed when they achieve an A-grade on these tools.

Honestly, they only tell you very basic technical information about your website.

Some even offer a very little overview of the links sent to your website in hopes of giving you more information candies to stimulate dopamines to put in your email.

Clients often come to us telling us that they are already "optimised" but their jaws drop when we show them further rank improvements within a week.

Don't start a year's long voyage with a faulty compass

Well this page isn't about our burning hatred for tools per se. 

But we aren't too happy that they are actually doing more harm than good to uninformed business owners.

After all, SEO is all about optimising for a search phrase.

SEO Audit tools never talk about what keywords to rank for, what are your competition like for these keywords.

The best analogy I have is trying to sail with a faulty compass.

And cold hard cash is what fuels this voyage.

You may never actually reach your destination.

You could be aiming for a keyword that is further than your budget.

or perhaps ranking happily for a keywords with no searches.

On top of that, SEO audit tools may have poor data sources...

The list runs on and on.

These tools are just poor attempts of lead generation.

And worst, they lead you to the agencies that actually advocate using them.

That could be thousands of dollars and several months down the drain.

Don't start a year's long voyage with a faulty compass.

SEO Experts joke that you can hide dead bodies on the second page of Google, because no one really makes it there.


The real irony is most dead bodies on the second page of Google are actually failed SEO campaigns that eventually run out of budget due to poor strategies made on bad data.

Some are made by experts as well.

Imagine freezing before reaching the top of Mount Everest.

Would you trust a hike on Mount Everest on a free online weather forecast?

What's in our personalised SEO audit?

Your Opportunities

We will show you the hidden keyword gaps that your biggest competition have missed out on.

Ranking for this keywords will automatically give you more customers to fuel your SEO campaign.

Your SEO 

We will evaluate your website and give you a list of expert recommendations on site changes to quickly get quick wins before your SEO campaign.

These are the same optimisation procedures that we perform on our $1,500 campaigns.

Your Competition 

We will evaluate your competition, their relative strengths and give you the best estimates on how much off-site SEO it will take to beat them and claim the number one spot.

Want to look into the crystal ball today?

We use a proprietary blend of data sources. 

From expensive paid tools to our own privately owned crawlers.

We believe only in giving you data based on absolute truth.

Update - This service is now private to existing customers only.
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