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Our most popular packages

No need to build your quotation from scratch, pick from our most popular packages below.
ValueFox $957 U.P $1999
DynamicFox $1957 U.P $3799
ValueFox Package
$957 One-time fee

A Beautiful Website to showcase your Company

The ValueFox is our Value Champion.

Our price for this package is so affordable that people often think that we are just installing themes. ( Nope, your website is made-to-order of course )

If you need a website to just to showcase your service and collect enquiries, this it it!
💡Use Case
Not a Theme, you are getting a custom design
Your website is put together by real designers, not some theme installation service sold by others for the same price.
Up to 5 Pages
5 Pages are more than enough for most businesses that have 2 - 3 services.
Built with Powerful Wordpress CMS
Wordpress allows you upload content with out shelling out thousands for a customised CMS.
Built with the Best Wordpress Page Builder
You can rarely find Wordpress agencies that uses OxygenBuilder because it takes longer to do so.
Click to see the benefits.
Contact form with 5 Fields 
Allow customers to submit enquiries for your services with a contact form.
Need More than the Above?
Download our optional add-on cost breakdown here.
Showcase your Portfolio
Need a website to mainly showcase a gallery of images of work you have done?
Collect Orders Online
Don't need to accept payments online but want a simple order form to customise orders? ( Add-on our dynamic contact form )
Tell customers about your products and services
Showcase your process, product/service specifications, team or your company background.
Improve credibility
Running your business from a Facebook page? Your credibility may be affecting your sales. Get a website to show customers you are here for the long run.
DynamicFox Package
$1957 One-time fee

A Powerful Website with dynamic functions

The Dynamic Fox is an advanced no-code setup that takes away the need to develop customised solutions.

You may need to spend tens of thousands in customisations or hefty monthly software recurring fees just to replicate our DynamicFox features.

Shockingly, the Dynamic fox is still priced below what others would usually quote for a basic website.
💡Use Case
Everything in ValueFox
Get all the specifications included in a ValueFox website
Choose one dynamic function below


Want to sell your products and services online?
You can accept payments online with this function.

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Session Booking

Need more than just a contact form? Want to allow customer to book directly into your employee's calendar?

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Custom Categories

Create powerful relationships between different topics.
Great for any kind of directory website

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Accept payments online
Sell anything you want only with Woo-commerce, comes with inventory management backend
Schedule bookings for classes, meetings, anything!
Want to give yoga classes but hate scheduling classes? 
Or perhaps you want your prospects to manually choose the right consultant for a meeting?
See Example
Showcase your Listings
Want to showcase different unique topics under your belt? ( Hotel Rooms,Cars, Property, Tutors ).
See Example
Educate your customers with helpful content
Get your own blog with customised categories and easy navigations for your posts.

You can even invite writers or team members to contribute!
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