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ValueFox $957 U.P $1999
DynamicFox $1957 U.P $3799
ValueFox Package
$957 One-time fee

A Beautiful Website to showcase your Company

The ValueFox is our Value Champion.

Our price for this package is so affordable that people often think that we are just installing themes. ( Nope, your website is made-to-order of course )

If you need a website to just to showcase your service and collect enquiries, this it it!
💡Use Case
Not a Theme, you are getting a custom design
Your website is put together by real designers, not some theme installation service sold by others for the same price.
Up to 5 Pages
5 Pages are more than enough for most businesses that have 2 - 3 services.
Built with Powerful Wordpress CMS
Wordpress allows you upload content with out shelling out thousands for a customised CMS.
Built with the Best Wordpress Page Builder
You can rarely find Wordpress agencies that uses OxygenBuilder because it takes longer to do so.
Click to see the benefits.
Contact form with 5 Fields 
Allow customers to submit enquiries for your services with a contact form.
Need More than the Above?
Download our optional add-on cost breakdown here.
Showcase your Portfolio
Need a website to mainly showcase a gallery of images of work you have done?
Collect Orders Online
Don't need to accept payments online but want a simple order form to customise orders? ( Add-on our dynamic contact form )
Tell customers about your products and services
Showcase your process, product/service specifications, team or your company background.
Improve credibility
Running your business from a Facebook page? Your credibility may be affecting your sales. Get a website to show customers you are here for the long run.
DynamicFox Package
$1957 One-time fee

A Powerful Website with dynamic functions

The Dynamic Fox is an advanced no-code setup that takes away the need to develop customised solutions.

You may need to spend tens of thousands in customisations or hefty monthly software recurring fees just to replicate our DynamicFox features.

Shockingly, the Dynamic fox is still priced below what others would usually quote for a basic website.
💡Use Case
Everything in ValueFox
Get all the specifications included in a ValueFox website
Choose one dynamic function below


Want to sell your products and services online?
You can accept payments online with this function.

See features

Click me!

Session Booking

Need more than just a contact form? Want to allow customer to book directly into your employee's calendar?

See features

Click me!

Custom Categories

Create powerful relationships between different topics.
Great for any kind of directory website

See features

Click me!
Accept payments online
Sell anything you want only with Woo-commerce, comes with inventory management backend
Schedule bookings for classes, meetings, anything!
Want to give yoga classes but hate scheduling classes? 
Or perhaps you want your prospects to manually choose the right consultant for a meeting?
See Example
Showcase your Listings
Want to showcase different unique topics under your belt? ( Hotel Rooms,Cars, Property, Tutors ).
See Example
Educate your customers with helpful content
Get your own blog with customised categories and easy navigations for your posts.

You can even invite writers or team members to contribute!
See Example

Website Development Essentials for 2021 Included at no Additional Cost

These modern features comes with every single website we build at $957 Nett

Mobile Responsive

Your website will be pixel perfect on Desktop and Mobile.

SEO Optimised

Proper On-site SEO for One Keyword can be included upon request

Speed Optimisation

Build for blazing fast speed for optimal experience when you run advertisements
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We don't use themes here.
If you are serious about your website, stay away from themes.
Your Website should support your ambition, don't limit your goals to the constraints of a theme.

Sites that are built on themes:

  • Have a chance of losing developer support
  • Little control over customisation
  • Can be excruciatingly slow due to bloat

It's really easy to install a theme by yourself so don't be caught paying others to install a theme for anything over a $100.

Click our guide below to stay informed on this phenomenon.

Click Here To be informed about spotting theme installers
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See some websites built with the ValueFox

  • John Lin

    Managing Director,
    Get Consulting
    FoxFire created a website fitted specifically for our brand and went the extra mile to create a bespoke questionnaire form in our website for us to qualify clients effectively. 


If you are looking for great customization work, Foxfire is your go to team.
  • Austin Teh

    ERA Rose Diamond Achiever
    Designs are exactly what I wanted!

    Hassle free process from reviewing to approval.

    If you want a website customised exactly to your liking this is it.
  • Jack Lee

    Affinity Funeral Service
    Great design.

    Great response.

    Always there when you need help with anything. 

    Go the extra mile for client. 

    Overall 11/10

Don't limit yourself to our portfolio

Tell us exactly what you want designed!

"I want something like this that is fun and childlike!"
- A Preschool Education Company
Preschool Designed by in-house designer Nelly
Graphics from Envato Elements

Business owners are making money with Foxfire websites

Our website designers don't just make beautiful websites, they are optimised for serious sales
I recouped the cost for my website already within the first 3 months of marketing.

I was shocked when I saw an order for $1000+ worth of coffee powder in my inbox on a Sunday morning.

David, MD
Coffee & Nuts

I thought all I needed was a presentable website until I made a website with Foxfire Marketing, our conversion rate more than tripled.

Our class sign-ups prior to the website revamp was abysmal even when we are running advertisements.

Now I can confidently drive traffic to my website without worrying about wasting ad dollars.

Jing, Chief Coach

We have already generated hundreds of thousands of sales through the website that Foxfire Marketing has built for us.

If you want a website that not only looks good but works as intended, they are the guys for you.

Nigel, CEO

The websites we build makes customers buy 

We are a marketing company, we know what works for getting customers

Proven User Experience

No matter your design preference, your layout will be optimised for customer to click the "Buy Now" button.

Fastest loading potential

Every additional second loading results in lost sales. Our technology stack solves that problem.

Credible Design

Your customers must trust you enough to give your their information. We follow your brand guidelines, if not a proper design system.
Free discovery session is now available ( U.P $97 )
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Additional Bonuses with any Package

If you already find our prices affordable, you are in for a treat. 🎃
Get an additional $1301 worth in value for  FREE if you start in
October, 2022

Guided Content Creation System

Don't have your content ready? 

Use our guided copywriting creation system in-built with our Marketing Framework to produce powerful copywriting on your own.

Foundational Design System

A design system is a set of rules to help keep your brand consistent among multiple channels. 

One Revision Rounds

Don't like what you see? You can tell us as many items you wish to revise during each revision round.

DIY Wordpress Video Tutorial

If you want to bring your website management 
in-house, we have a complimentary tutorial or how to perform essential changes on your website.

15 Stock Images

We understand that not all businesses have the time to do photoshoots.

We provide you access to select any image you want from Envato Marketplace. 

Our VPS Wordpress
Managed Hosting for 1 year

We will setup your website on High Frequency VPS Servers for maximum performance.

Check out our VPS Specifications → 

Grab your Promo code worth $1301  for

Our websites have High quality Code without writing a single line of code
If your next website is still being built from scratch with code, we got bad news for you
Why is it important that we avoid touching code?

These days, it's ridiculous to have any information website ( Even E-commerce sites ) built with custom code because:

  • Takes up to 10 times longer and code quality may not be guaranteed
  • Requires developer expertise which means it's much more expensive
  • It is no longer necessary to use code

No wonder built-from-scratched websites can cost a bomb for most people.

And the output is not guaranteed to be better than a no-code approach.

No-code development is the future for fast, affordable and reliable websites.

At Foxfire, our features and functions are built with a modular approach to ensure speed and quality.

Click our guide below to find out why the "old way" of coding websites is out.

Find out about the cons of the "old way" 
( Opens in new window )

Want to download our full price list for website design?

Get full access to our pricing before you decide on your order.
Our After-service Marketplace 
Get access to our private service ordering dashboard where you can order services only for Foxfire Clients.
Our Optional Add-ons
Are our packages not enough? Add on a page or even additional revision rounds at a small price.
Every individual item is listed clearly in our price list.

⏳Act Fast! Free Discovery Sessions are now available! 

Limited slots available - Lock-in your free session ( U.P $97 ) to discuss your website requirements with the form below
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"Please Stop building 
websites that don't work"

In this short 11 minutes video, our founder pulls back the curtain and reveals his #1 frustration with most websites that drove him to stop accepting SEO Clients and spent 6 months to create this amazing website design service.
🖥 Watch now

Still comparing services?
We have done the homework for you.

Here are what some companies say on their website and what they really mean.
Company A
Theme Installers
"Website for under $1000"
You pay less than $1,000, however the theme only cost $50, you are paying the difference for installation
"We offer full customisation"
Please pick from any theme, we can only help you change colours, text and images.
"Delivered in 7 days"
Takes actually only 2 hours to install a pre-built theme.
"You can change content anytime"
Typically limited in content changes resulting in the need to rebuild for another technology.
Company B
Mark-up Grant Peddlers
"Website for under $1000"
Please pay $10,000 first and you can claim back the remainder only if you qualify.
"You get $10,000 worth of value"
Most of the value is loss as hefty salesman commissions and outsourcing the work to another company.
"But it will take a few months to do the work"
Because they are profit-driven, they take on more work than their designers can handle, any additional work is outsourced.
Foxfire Marketing
Developers that care 
"Website for under $1000"
Actually packs more value than $1000, go ahead and ask around.
"Delivered in 14 days"
Actually delivered in 14 days due to limited intake and optimised in-house process.
"We offer full customisation"
Elements are designed exactly to your liking.
📌 Pinned Post


Founder, Foxfire marketing

6 months in the making, 1 amazing service

Dear Business Owner 👋

This is Gary from Foxfire Marketing.  

After much requests from our clients for a website design service that is both good and affordable, I am happy to announce that our 6 month experiment that we have conducted is successful.

For 6 months, we have worked on refining our team structure, improving SOPs and ironing out any inefficient tasks, we can now deliver sites that are:

✅ Marketing Ready 

You can drive traffic to our sites, customers will buy.

✅ Fully Customised Design 

Every design element on your website can now suit your preference

✅ Starting from just $957 

This is almost a 3 times reduction in our original price

Our prices are so reasonable that we have skeptics that ask us:
1.) Is this after any grant pricing?
2.) Are you just installing a theme for me?

This is normal because websites under $1000 by development companies only fall under these categories.

How do we achieve this cost efficiency?

It's not rocket science, we simply stripped away all unnecessary costs that are not associated with building the website.

We have no office, our team members are 100% remote and we do not sub-contract your work, everything is done in-house with our Best-in-class Standard Operating Procedures.

No Middle-men fees, no expensive overheads...

Simple right?

This unconventional arrangement has also drastically improved the quality and productivity of work done.

You can find out more about us in the FAQ Section Below or book a discovery session with us.

Do note that our discovery sessions are not free by default.

We believe in transparency, every unit rate you need to know is transparent and available on our website so you can purchase our services directly.

There is no need to request a quote. I repeat there is no need to request any quote.

You can do the maths ( or we can help you ) to know how much your website costs by downloading our unit-rate price list here.

I understand that it's not common practice to do a paid discovery so we do have periods where we offer free discovery sessions if we have free designer capacity.

In that case it's a guarantee that your project gets completed faster as well.
Dynamic Fox
ValueFox Package
$957  $1999
A beautiful website with 5 static pages and a contact form with 5 fields
14 days delivery
Up to 2 Revisions
5 Pages
Contact Form 5 Fields
No Themes Used
Full Money-Back Guarantee
Continue ( $957 )
DynamicFox Package
$1957  $3999
A beautiful website with 5 static pages and a contact form with 5 fields
14 days delivery
Up to 2 Revisions
5 Pages
Contact Form 5 Fields
1 Dynamic Function
No Themes Used
Full Money-Back Guarantee
Continue ( $1957 )
Website Specifications
Package Details
More Info on 🦊

Skip the Discovery call.

We have helped consolidated the best questions asked in our inbox and discovery calls.
We recommend reading through this list before booking a call. 
Package Details
Website Specifications
More Info on 🦊

What is WordPress?

Not to be confused with ( An online site builder ). is the most popular content management system to date that supports big brands like Bloomberg and Sony Music.

A content management system allows you to update/upload content without knowing how to code which gives you the freedom of changing your website down the road.

This is not to be confused with which is an online site builder by the same company.

What is Oxygen Builder ⭐️

While Wordpress allows you to change the text and images on your website, Oxygen builder allows you full developer-level customisation. 

This is where most newbie-friendly site builders fail and stop at awkward templates that cannot be changed.

Oxygen builder works on top of your WordPress installation to allow easy layout designs.

Sites that are build with Oxygen have the least bloat than any other site builders out there, making your website load fast to rank better on Google.

We are proud to say that we are one of the very very small handful of development companies that use Oxygen Builder in their workflow due to the steep learning curve for developers.

But rest assured, it will be as easy for you to change the content as with other page builders.

Most agencies here are using Elementor, Divi and typically WPBakery due to the large amount of themes in the marketplace.

These page builders that have a long list of cons ( We have used and switched over from these technologies and we can't understand why any agency still uses them.)

Any web developer that knows their salt will think the same way too.
If you look around, you will find very clear comparisons by real web developers on Oxygen builder even though they do not incentivise reviews unlike other page builders.

Before price and speed, the technology that is used should be your #1 priority for reliable, scalable and long lasting websites if you are planning to be in the online business for the long run.

Is hosting and domain included as default?

No, as a large majority of clients we handle already have hosting and a domain name because they just want to revamp their website, we have excluded hosting and domains by default in our original price.

What hosting do you use by default?

We use barebones VPS SSD servers from Vultr, AWS or google cloud with our own server management layer and service.

To put it simply we have a really reliable in-house private managed WordPress hosting service only for websites built by us.

Your website will have it's own dedicated ram, disk space and you do not have to worry of being  jammed packed into a shared server that promises "unlimited bandwidth" put packs your site with hundreds of unknown neighbours ( possibly spammy ) onto a tiny server.

Our setup is for serious businesses where speed and reliability matters. ( E-commerce, LMS, Listing. )

Businesses who start generating traffic will very quickly realise that if you have the budget, you should never, ever be on a shared hosting provider.

I want to revamp my website, is it possible?

Absolutely. But take note that we will build your website from scratch as there are hundreds of ways to build a website and we do not want to pass on the cost of learning your previous web designer's methods to you.

We will extract the relevant content and images to give you site a fresh look.

Do you provide images and content?

No, we do not provide graphic design or copywriting services in this package.

If you do not have the content, we will provide placeholder content and images to stage your site and you can easily upload images and content after you find the perfect writer or illustrator that understands your business.

What are the limits to sections and pages?

From a user experience perspective, we believe that each page in a website should contain a maximum of 5 sections. ( Unless you are consolidating your business in a single page - landing page  )

You can think of sections as clearly defined panel on your page for a different topic.

There are no hard limits of the amount of images for each page but we do limit the total text on each page to be not more than 2,000 words. ( For an estimate, this page alone has 4,855 words comparable to a landing page ).

So in total, you are allowed 10,000 words and a total of 25 sections for our ValueFox Plan.

Can I decide what content deserves its own page and what to be a section within a page?

Yes, you can explicitly let us know in the questionnaire.

However if you do not state so, our designers will use the most user-friendly approach to order your content based on relevance, quantity as well as timeliness.

Do you provide unlimited revisions?

No, we provide revisions only on a needs basis. 

This allows us to keep the cost affordable for majority of customers who require only 2 revision rounds.

After the design has been implemented, you will be given sufficient time ( Up to 5 days ) to point out every item that you want to change by submitting a form/screen-capture.

You can let us know as many items as you want to change in each round, there are no limits on that, however it must be submitted in one go instead of trickling your requests bit by bit to our designers.

Our designers will then receive your full change requests and update you with the revised work. 

This process considered as one revision round.

Why not offer more items in your package?

From a client's perspective, most of the fees you pay on package deals are often extra margins to cushion the most difficult customers.

For example a customer A who wants unlimited revisions requires double the man-hours, this could be passed on to a customer B who is already very happy within the first review.

Or perhaps customer A wants unlimited bandwidth for his high-traffic website for a cheap price. This will only harm other customers in the long run as unlimited bandwidth is only a gimmick in the hosting industry.

So essentially customer B, a reasonable customer, pays a higher price or get a lower value product because of the mismatched expectations of Customer A.

We are pretty sure that you, Customer B wouldn't want to pay the price for somebody else.

I have spoken to other great developers who are doing the right thing to compare prices. They start from 2.5k at least.

How are you guys doing this service at a much lower-price than them?

Just like all technology, the web design industry as a whole has improved with greater abstraction for web developers to create functional sites more quickly.

Only web developers that fail to innovate pass on this inefficiencies as cost to the consumer.

What's worse? These unnecessary custom code may also be marked up due to longer man-hours required.

We have taken a step further to streamline our offer so that you only pay for what you need.

We have also adopted a 100% remote offshore structure with in-house designers ( Not outsourced ) handling our design and support operations.

We also stick to a few proven technologies and serve only a few business features that allows us to reduce high talent dependancies on highly paid developers that may be over skilled for your project.

Can I edit my content later

Yes of course! Your website is build with Wordpress CMS as the foundation. 
On top of that, we have installed Oxygen page builder and set different access levels to make it easy for you or your team members to change the text and images without accidentally breaking the content.

Can you create fancy animations and graphics for me

No, we don't do that.

Quality customised animations and graphics is simply impossible at this budget.

We also do not wish to create "award-winning" designs because our aim is to help businesses go online and the focus should be the products and services, not the design of the website.

However, that does not mean our websites are not beautiful, we have a strict and rigorous design process to make sure every website that is built follows the foundational design and user-experience principles.

Can you custom code my website with unique functions?

No, we do not provide coding from scratch services.

If you are looking to create a software or complex dynamic website such as a social media with user accounts, I am afraid this service is not for you.

This is because we use a variety of proven premium plugins from excellent 3rd party developer to keep our cost super affordable for our under-served customers who just require common business functions but can't find a vendor that provide budget friendly prices.

Catering to customise coding will only cause confusion to our pricing model.

I have purchase a dynamic function, what are the features included?

We use really stable 3rd party premium plugins to create dynamic functions.

This can either be a standalone plugin or a effective combination of multiple plugins to create a dynamic function.

We do not have access nor the special license to customise their code and thus all features are pre-determined and fixed by the plugin provider.

You may gain access to new updates and features per their individual roadmap.

Here are the standalone plugins we are using and their feature documentations
Appointment Booking - WPAmelia
Multi-product E-commerce- Woocommerce ( Does not include extensions )

Here are some Plugin combinations we use for other unique websites
Listing - ACF ProSearch & Filter Pro

Do not that there are no additional costs to the plugin, we have absorbed these into our pricing offered for Dynamic Fox.

Can I add additional pages and sections or request other services after the project is completed?

Yes you can! 

We believe that creating a website is just the starting point. Your websites will continually evolve to suit your digital marketing strategy.

It is also not sensible to hire a developer or IT support guy for thousands per month just to manage your website or make minute changes.

Thus we have created a marketplace within your WordPress dashboard that you can easily order an add-on for new pages and sections or any other digital marketing services.

This marketplace is only accessable to websites build by us.

I intend the drive more traffic to my website but I am afraid it will slowdown/crash, can I upgrade or change my server?

If you have chosen a server with us, we would have already selected the right server configuration for your type of application so slowing down is really rare.

But sometimes your website receives too much traffic that your hardware cannot handle and thus additional hardware resource is required.

You can easily purchase a server upgrade in our marketplace and we will provision it within the next working day.

If you have chosen your own hosting provider, you should contact your hosting provider to help you with that.

Is the discovery call compulsory?

A discovery call is optional.

Unlike other website vendors, we try to provide you with as much information upfront on our website that you would otherwise have to fish out from website vendors during a consultation.

Working with many clients, we have found that these information should be sufficient for you to make an informed decision on whether or not we are a right fit for you.

Should our information be inadequate, feel free to shoot me an email with your question personally at so I may add to this FAQ to make it better for other customers as well.

Is a free discovery call included when I purchase the service?

No, you will be asked to fill up your design requirements via our guided content creation system.

Discovery calls are only to double-check if we are a good fit or not.

If you have made the purchase already and you find that we are not a good fit, you may request a full refund as long as you have not submitted your requirements.

Will you give me weekly updates?

No, we will give you something better.

You will get a link to view the real-time project progress in our project management tool.

Can I contact you guys at anytime if I want changes during the project?

You will only be able to submit change requests at designated stages of your project.

These stages are mainly the first check-in to make sure we are starting in the right direction and then the revision rounds.

We reserve the right the terminate customers who do not adhere to the process and choose to micro-manage our designers and cause delays in our production for other clients.

What is the revision like?

You will receive your website in a staging environment for feedback.

You will be able to leave comments directly on the website and then articulate what you mean for the changes by using our screen-capture tool.

There are no limits to the number of changes you require within a round.

Please make sure to be very specific to avoid incurring more costs for additional revision rounds.

How long will the project take from start to finish?

We aim to complete your website, including 2 complimentary reviews within 2 weeks.

Our designers will start only when the requested content/images is fully received or the use of placeholders has been approved.

This speed is possible for customised design because we are skipping the wireframe and mockups that from our experience, may not accurately convey the final product.

Why full payment?

The main reason why we do not do staggered payment is because:

1.) Our prices are already very affordable
Most business owners should be able to afford our sites with ease, thus there is no need for us to factor non-payment flight risk customers into our pricing which forces us to increases our prices.

2.) Our scope is really well-defined
We try our best to give you an exact picture of what you are getting before you make the purchase. This way there is little risk or room for error when it comes to delivering the expected service.

You will get exact and clear terms written on our website such as the number of pages, images and even word count per page.

We are constantly trying to make our product specification as specific as possible to avoid misinterpretation.

How do I make payment?

We accept credit cards for Mastercard and Visa through our secure payment processor Stripe.

You may also make a bank transfer to our bank account if you do not have a card.

What is your money-back guarantee?

If our process is not within your expectations, you may initiate a full-refund by submitting  a simple form with your order ID only if you have not signed our website service agreement.

No questions asked.

If you have signed our service agreement but not completed our questionnaire, you will be entitled to only a 70% refund.

Lastly, if you have filled up our questionnaire and submitted, you will no longer be eligible for any refunds as the service and started and the design resource has been allocated.

If you have made a stripe payment, the refund is handled automatically online by submitting a form and will be processed to your bank account within 5-10 working days.

Why no full money-back guarantee after the work is done?

It should be clear as night and day what kind of services you are getting from people who are offering a full money-back guarantee after the work is delivered.

Any sane company who has employees on payroll doing customised website designs cannot offer a full money-back guarantee because you can't just refund us the man-hours, there is no way we can repurpose a website that is already built.

Anyone who offers these kinds of guarantees probably has very little cost involved or has factored that crazy amount of risk into their pricing.

If you need a full money-back guarantee, we are probably not a good fit for you and you are better off buying a theme from any marketplace and installing it yourself.

Who are your best customers?

While service is cheaper than 90% of the web developers you will meet, we are not looking to attract anyone that wants a good deal.

Our goal is to help businesses to go online effectively and not end up with a website that generates no traffic just like 95% of websites out there.

We believe that the money saved on website design will be better used to generate sales with our marketing services or lower costs with our automation services.

Your website simply becomes much more valuable when people are interacting on it.

To summarise, our best customers are people who have a clear need for a website and are committed to make their website a success.

I am interested in the thought process behind this service.

Firstly, we are not new to the web design business.

In fact, website design is just a small subset in SEO and Facebook marketing.

We can be creating 10 landing pages for a Facebook campaigns within a short period of time.

Or creating entire websites in bulk solely for the purpose of back-linking for SEO.

A slow and clunky website design process is simply not effective for mission critical or time sensitive situations like ours.

Thus we have created a website design process that has the adaptability to suit high-performing marketing campaigns while having a quick turn-around time.

What are you waiting for?
Save $97 when you book a  Discovery Session today!

A free discovery session means our designers are free right now which means your website gets finished earlier than usual. 
Oops, we are currently not taking orders till further notice

Step 2/3

Last Step!

What do we do?

We provide the path of least resistance for businesses to go online.

Our team is based in Singapore and Malaysia and we have been building websites since 2013

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