Foxfire's Website design service 

Beautiful modern websites at  unbelievable value.

Check out our prices below.
ValueFox $957
DynamicFox $1957
ValueFox Package

A Beautiful Website to showcase your Products and Services

$957 One-time fee - Read how are our prices so affordable
The ValueFox is our Value Champion.

Our price for this package is so affordable that people often think that we are just installing themes. ( Nope, your website is made-to-order of course )

If you need a website to showcase your service and collect enquiries while having a beautiful customisable design.

This package is perfect for:
Showcasing services and products to clients
Collecting leads or enquiries
Not a Theme, you are getting a custom design
Your website is put together by real designers, not some theme installation service sold by others for the same price.
Built with Powerful Wordpress CMS
Wordpress allows you upload content with out shelling out thousands for a customised CMS.
Up to 7 Pages
7 Pages are more than enough for most businesses that have 2 - 3 services.
Contact form with 5 Fields 
Allow customers to submit enquiries for your services with a contact form.
Need More than the Above?
Download our optional add-on cost breakdown here.
DynamicFox Package

A Powerful Website with dynamic functions

$1957 One-time fee - Read How are our prices so affordable
If you are foresee that your website will grow to multiple pages or you need features that can perform business or operational functions.

Our WiseFox Package comes with one core function to take your website to the next level.

You can even bring your business totally online.

This website can be used for either of the following:

Scheduling Classes for students
Selling Products online
Everything in ValueFox
Wordpress allows you upload content with out shelling out thousands for a customised CMS.
Choose one dynamic function below
Appointment Booking
Need more than just a contact form? Want to allow customer to book directly into your employee's calendar?
Want to sell your products and services online?  You can accept payments online with this function.
Want to create a reputable media website in your niche?
A blog function is a must.
Tab Content #2

All the essentials Baked in

These features comes with every single website we build

Mobile Responsive

Your website will be pixel perfect on Desktop and Mobile.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Works for FireFox, Chrome and other popular browsers

Basic Security

Your site is protected brute force attacks, and hacking attempts

SSL Installation

Your site will be listed as secure in popular browsers.
Great for SEO.

Build for Speed

Caching and optimisation toggled so your websites load at optimal speed.

Additional Bonuses with any Package

If you already find our prices affordable, you are in for a treat. 🎃
Get an additional $1399 worth in value with any package if you start in  September 2020

Guided Content Creation System

Don't have your content ready? 

Use our guided copywriting creation system in-built with our Marketing Framework to produce powerful copywriting on your own.

See what our guided content creation system is about

Foundational Design System

A design system is a set of rules to help keep your brand consistent among multiple channels. 

See what a design system looks like.

Two Revision Rounds

Don't like what you see? You can tell us as many items you wish to revise during each revision round.

DIY Wordpress Video Tutorial

If you want to bring your website management in-house, we have a complimentary tutorial or how to perform essential changes on your website.

15 Stock Images

We understand that not all businesses have the time to do photoshoots.

We provide you access to select any image you want from Envato Marketplace. 

1st Year .com domain Name Registration

If your domain name is available, we will buy it for you as part of the package.

Get your promo code for September

The foxfire advantage

Our websites don't just look beautiful, they are optimised for serious sales
I recouped the cost for my website already within the first 3 months of marketing.

I was shocked when I saw an order for $1000+ worth of coffee powder in my inbox on a Sunday morning.

David, MD
Coffee & Nuts

I thought all I needed was a presentable website until I made a website with Foxfire Marketing, our conversion rate more than tripled.

Our class sign-ups prior to the website revamp was abysmal even when we are running advertisements.

Now I can confidently drive traffic to my website without worrying about wasting ad dollars.

Jing, Chief Coach

We have already generated hundreds of thousands of sales through the website that Foxfire Marketing has built for us.

If you want a website that not only looks good but works as intended, they are the guys for you.

Nigel, CEO

We turned away half of our enquiries 
this year.

On average, we say more "No" than "Yes" to business owners who want our service.

This service is not for everyone.

This is to make sure that we only focus on helping qualified customers succeed.

Please make sure you read the following 5 No-nos carefully to avoid any mismatch of expectations.

This is not for you if you:
Don't have a clear idea what business function your website serves
If you do not know the purpose of your website, your content and structure will not be relevant to your business.
We do not help with clarifying your business ideas or brainstorming so please make sure you know why you need a website in the first place.
Do not find our service packages to be of the value stated
We have stated clearly each line item that you will be having so the purchasing decision is on you. 
We do not want to sell our value to our customers because value is relative to the beholder.
If you still find us expensive, then it probably is.
Our prices are non-negotiable.
Are not willing to adhere to our process and trust our expertise
We love working with customers who trust and follow our process. These are the customers that succeed with us.
If you are looking to be the Project Manager for your website design process, this is not for you.
Are still shopping around for the best deal
Most companies hide behind a quote or a consultation without displaying their exact package prices upfront. 

We are unable to have a fair comparison until you have already spoken to a few agencies to see what the market offers to properly appreciate the value of our service.
Are Looking for a Grant to claim
Our websites are already so affordable that the complexity and time needed to apply for a grant does not make any sense.

If you are using grants to buy websites, there's a big likelihood that your package is already inflated.

You are better off using your grant for some other solution to other business problems.

What is not included in our service

Here are some considerations and alternatives

1. No Content or Images provided

Graphic illustrations, photos, videos and copywriting require specialists for the best result.

You should only engage the specialists to do it.
We are upfront that we are not experts at photos and illustrations and our copywriting services are expensive.

We also do not do image-sourcing - You must let us know what specific images you want to use on which pages.

If you are looking for an all-in-one shop for everything, this is not it.

If you do not have Content or Images ready

It's very rare that businesses have their content even at 50% readiness when starting a website design project.

It is too time intensive and costly to do it at one go, people often do branding work progressively - the same is for our company.

Here is what you can do now:
Use our guided content creation system to create your text content
Use free or premium stock images or stock images 
( Most websites do this )
Change your content over time using your CMS. 
Our design structure is adaptable to most content types.

2. No Over-the-Top 24/7 communication

100% of our customers have a great experience working with us. 

However, they also understand that in order to deliver high quality work, our designers need to focus and concentrate on the task at hand.

We have a strict but comprehensive communication structure.

For example during the revision process 

Old Way: Back and forth via email throughout the day/week.
New Way: 1 hour screen recording explaining changes

This allows you to give more comprehensive change request rather than emails.

Happier designers = Better Websites

If your projects needs 100% attention

We are 100% confident in the value ratio of our packages. 

If any other agency is offering that level of service at our price point, please make sure you are getting what you ordered.

We understand that some projects are technical, mission critical and require the utmost attention. 

In that case website design agencies are never your option because we deal with multiple clients at one time and very technical work are usually outsourced to specialists.

Other than that, rarely do businesses require that level of service up-time for a design project. ( Usually only during maintenance )

Here are our suggestions:
Engage a Local Software Development House 
Hire an In-house developer

3. No Free Consultations

Contrary to popular arrangements, we do not provide free consultations.

We believe in showing our hand upfront before answering only technical questions during our consultations.

In most cases there is no need for a consultation as you can find all necessary product information right on this page
Our Pricing Package
Our Full Add-on Price List
Full Specifications of our Product
Our Promotion of the Month
Purchase Options ( Stripe )

Need to Talk? Book a Paid Discovery Session

We charge a small fee for our discovery call to ensure that we are able to give you an unbiased opinion on your project.

If you do not need a consultation, you can proceed to directly purchase our service via your credit card from this page.

You can click the link below to learn about our discovery call if you need to.
Why a Paid Discovery Session

4. No Blockbuster Website Design

There are three categories of websites.

The really bad ones.

The functional and beautiful ones.

The blockbuster award-winning ones.

At our package prices, our websites are Functional and also beautiful  

We even use design systems in most cases 

However if you are looking for websites that have really fanciful animations, customised graphics ( An addition to the first point ), this is not it. 

Not at this price.

Yes to Functional, Beautiful Websites

Our websites are beautiful and they work!

Our belief is that the priority of a website is to first perform its business function, then look pretty.

Websites that are too "Designed" often steal the show from the products or alienate that average customers who do not understand good design.

You are not creating a website to win any awards.

Our designs are consistent, relevant and highlight your products and services.

Effective design that drives business Objectives

Here are some of our client's requests and the corresponding result
  • Link to Website 
    Client requested for a friendly and approachable website that shows the care and concern and personal touch they take conducting lessons.
  • Link to Website 
    Client has done prior branding work and requested for us to use their brand patterns and colours on the website.
  • Link to Website 
    Client needed a logical way to classify categories and multiple pages for maximum SEO benefit.
Link to Website 
Client requested for a friendly and approachable website that shows the care and concern and personal touch they take conducting lessons.
Link to Website 
Client has done prior branding work and requested for us to use their brand patterns and colours on the website.
Link to Website 
Client needed a logical way to classify categories and multiple pages for maximum SEO benefit.

What are the next steps to my website?

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Complete Payment

This is a block of text. Double-click this text to edit it.

Submit Questionnaire

This is a block of text. Double-click this text to edit it.

First Check-in

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This is a block of text. Double-click this text to edit it.

Go Live

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Reviews & Questions



Founder, Foxfire marketing
Hi Fellow Business Owners 👋

This is Gary from Foxfire Marketing. 

If you didn't already know,  we are a marketing-first company and offering a website design service is usually available when you purchase our marketing services.

Today, I am happy to announce that after much requests from our friends and family, we have decided to invest time and energy into reconfiguring our processes.

I am proud to say that today, we are able to deliver websites that are
✅ Marketing Ready
✅ Customised Design
✅ Really Great Value

Our prices are so reasonable that we are often confused with "glorified theme installers" in the market today.

Below I have a few helpful links that you can read to know our design process in it's entirety. 

Even if we are not a good fit for each other, I believe it will be helpful for evaluating other website design services as well.


If you don't know the difference, feel free to drop me an email or check out our related FAQs below.

Tab Content #1
Ask a Question
Tab Content #3

All your remaining questions answered

Do I need this?
Product Specifications
Delivery & Payment
More Info

Why not offer everything as a package?

From a client's perspective, most of the fees you pay on package deals are often extra margins to cushion the most difficult customers. 

For example a customer A who wants unlimited revisions requires double the man-hours, this could be passed on to a customer B who is already very happy within the first review.

Why so affordable?

Just like all technology, the web design industry as a whole has improved with greater abstraction for web developers to create functional sites more quickly.

Only web developers that fail to innovate pass on this inefficiencies as cost to the consumer.

What's worse? These unnecessary custom code may also be marked up due to longer man-hours required.

We have taken a step further to streamline our offer so that you only pay for what you need.

Why can't I use site builders and do it myself? 

Sure you can do it. But even the learning curve and man-hours required could set you back by a few weeks.
You may not even be satisfied with the end product or features at the end of the day.

So the big question is, how much do you value your time? 

What do you mean by static content?

Static content are text and images that rarely change, these could commonly be in your about us page, your contact us page, your home page and your service page.

Dynamic content are content that are ever-changing, for example if you have a web store with a thousand products,  food items for a takeaway site or existing blog posts for a content website.

What if you have a lot of dynamic content? 

Fret not, all websites come with a content management system that is very easy to use. We will also provide a video tutorial that you can use to delegate to your data entry personnel.

What is Wordpress? is the most popular content management system to date that supports big brands like Bloomberg and Sony Music.

A content management system allows you to update/upload content without knowing how to code which gives you the freedom of changing your website down the road.

This is not to be confused with which is an online site builder by the same company.

What is Oxygen Builder

While Wordpress allows you to change the text and images on your website, Oxygen builder allows you an infinite option of customisation. ( This is where most site builders fail and stop at awkward templates that cannot be changed ).

Sites that are build with Oxygen have the least bloat than any other site builders out there, making your website load fast to rank better on Google.

Oxygen builder works on top of your wordpress installation

Is hosting and domain included as default?

No, as a large majority of clients we handle already have hosting and a domain name because they just want to revamp their website, we have excluded hosting and domains by default.

Which website do I need?

We recommend customers who are not intending to invest in online marketing to go with our standard information website.

If you are investing in online marketing, it means your website is a key driver of sales and that is where a functional website can shine.

I want to revamp my website, is it possible?

Absolutely. But take note that we will build your website from scratch as there are hundreds of ways to build a website and we do not want to pass on the cost of learning your previous web designer's methods to you.

We will extract the relevant content and images to give you site a fresh look.

There are other website agencies offering similar pricing as yours, how is it possible?

Unless they have rigorously optimised their processes like we did, it is highly likely they are just reselling themes at a ridiculously high markup and installing it for you in just a day.

Some examples include themes from BeTheme or Astra themes which you can probably do by yourself within a few hours.

Themes are ready-made and they are often very rigid in terms of what can be changed.

We use Oxygen builder as our site builder of choice because it has the closest customisability to custom coding that we can get in a site builder.

The blurred lines between a ready made theme and a powerful site builder will show up in your review process. where there is little to no room for changes when it comes to ready made themes.

I am still confused on which items I need

If you are still not sure on what you require, you can simply book a discovery call and our consultants will walk you through what you require for your website.

Rest assured that this call in truly non-obligatory since you will be paying a fee for the consultants' time.
Book a discovery call

Why do I need to pay for a consultation?

Free consultations are often a mask for a "sales pitch" by web design agencies. 

After all, the cost behind time needed for a consultation must be covered somehow.

Helping us fund the discovery call will give us the financial incentive to say no if your project is better served elsewhere. That removes the risk of thousands of dollars down the drain if you meet a consultant that is financially incentivise to say everything you want to hear to close the deal.

These practices do not sit well with us and therefore we are wiling to forego business by introducing a discovery call fee.

Our goal is to give you a truly non-obligatory discovery call that you can use to even audit another vendor should we not be suitable.

What if I don't want to pay for a consultation?

A discovery call is optional.

Unlike other website vendors, we try to provide you with as much information upfront on our website that you would otherwise have to fish out from website vendors during a consultation.

Working with many clients, we have found that these information should be sufficient for you to make an informed decision on whether or not we are a right fit for you.

Should our information be inadequate, feel free to shoot me an email with your question personally at so I may add to this FAQ to make it better for other customers as well.

Why full payment?

The main reason why we do not do staggered payment is because:

1.) Our prices are already very affordable
Most business owners should be able to afford our sites with ease, thus there is no need for us to factor non-payment flight risk customers into our pricing which forces us to increases our prices.

2.) Our scope is really well-defined
We try our best to give you an exact picture of what you are getting before you make the purchase. This way there is little risk or room for error when it comes to delivering the expected service.

You will get exact and clear terms written on our website such as the number of pages, images and even word count per page.

We are constantly trying to make our product specification as specific as possible to avoid misinterpretation.

How long from start to finish?

We aim to complete your website, including 2 complimentary reviews within 2 weeks.

Our designers will start only when the requested content/images is fully received.

You will receive a 95% look & feel within 5 working days.

This is possible because we are skipping the wireframe and mockups that do not allow you to fully visualise your website for effective adjustments straight to the final product.

You will then be given a booking link to book a review session with your designated designer for both reviews. Each review will take a maximum of 3 days depending on complexity and the delay between bookings.

How do I make payment?

Please make a secure payment online via our payment link.  
Bank transfer option is also available.

What happens after payment?

You will be given a comprehensive form to fill-up which includes uploading your content and images.

Click here to see form fields

How do I track progress?

We use a powerful project management application to make sure that your project is completed on time. 

We will provide you a link to see the real-time progress updates on the individual tasks within your website by our designers.

What is the Review Process?

We factor in 2 complimentary reviews because we understand that sometimes there could still be a difference of expectations between what is communicated and what is understood by our designers even after a reference is provided.

You can feedback changes  to your designated designer in a 30 minute call.

What we have found to be the most effective among our clients is to use very specific instructions with references instead of vague instructions as that could lead our designers even further from your desired result.

This could cause your project to go beyond 2 reviews and incur additional paid reviews.

Here is a simple illustration of the differences between the former and the latter



Can you make this more modern?

Can you change this image?

Can you make it look cleaner?

Can you remove this section.

I don't like this section, change it

Can you change it to follow the format of this section from this website instead?

This doesn't feel right

Can you use this website section as a reference.

We will provide you a detailed guide on how to instruct our designers when the first draft is ready.

How did we design this service?

We do not compromise and outsource your web design work to other agencies to maintain our prices, instead we take it upon ourselves to train designers from scratch and maintain a remote workforce to keep our price extremely competitive.

Here are the 3 anchors

Zero waste

If you have noticed, we have stripped out many of the "essentials" that web agencies offer through rigorous analysis through all our past clientele work because they add little no tangible value to our service. This allows us to make web design accessible for everyone.

Transparent Pricing

Web design has long been sold like art pieces, with prices ranging from $899 all the way to $50,000 with confusing line items.

For us, we do a cost-up approach by analysing our man-hours followed by standardising our practice to give you the best value.

Uncompromising Quality 

While we use in-house templates and frameworks to drastically improve the speed of design, these are by no means low quality frameworks offered by site builders.

We have always been a marketing agency first and marketing performance is built in our web design process and framework.

Where is your team based?

While we are based in Singapore, our team works 100% remotely and we have various employees from around the globe. These structure allows us to lower our overheads in terms of office rental and labour arbitrage to bring you a highly competitive and quality product.

That being said, our team members are trained in-house and they are formally employed by us. Rest assured that your project won't be outsourced or even outsourced twice to low quality marketplace services.
Dynamic Fox
ValueFox Package
A beautiful website with 7 static pages and a contact form with 5 fields
14 days delivery
2 Revisions
7 Pages
Contact Form 5 Fields
No Themes Used
Continue ( $957 )
DynamicFox Package
A beautiful website with 7 static pages and a contact form with 5 fields
14 days delivery
2 Revisions
7 Pages
Contact Form 5 Fields
No Themes Used
Continue ( $957 )

Ready to own a beautiful website?

Take your business online today for just $899