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Work only with a SEO-Trained Web design company

Do you know that having a website alone doesn't bring you sales? 

You need to have it optimised for Google to generate traffic. 

The act of doing that is what we call Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO )

90% of content on the web don't get any traffic. 

And most agencies we have spoken to have a poor understanding of SEO yet still offer "SEO optimised websites."

The web design agencies we work with a personally trained by our SEO specialists to make sure you buy a website that actually works!

Website Design Costs are often priced like "Art"

Is web design an art or a science? 

We are marketers first and we believe that design has an objective and should achieve a desired result.

Website designs should only be priced by the value it brings to your business.

You shouldn't be paying "Fine Arts Markup" for a website.

Let us be a third-party curator to make sure you are getting the best price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose an agency through foxfire?

Building a website is like finding an interior designer in Singapore

Things can get really messed up even at an extraordinary budget.

At foxfire, we are pro-business, we hate expensive markups that provide little tangible results to your business and thus we have taken upon ourselves to work with the best website design agencies in our own business.

Think of us as a curator for website design services.

Do you get a referral commission on this?

Nope, this is purely a symbiotic relationship. SEO in a natural next step after building a website and it's very important for the website to be well built for SEO to work.

On the flip side, these Singapore based web design agencies will also need to justify the return of investment of a website and thus a good website design agency will definitely bundle SEO services on the backend.

We don't take commissions, we simply scratch each other's back as partners.

How much does website design cost?

We can be really honest here since there is little conflict of interest. The website design cost largely depends on your specifications for the website features. ( The rates are in Singapore dollars )

a.) If you want a simple website design without much customisation of where the text and images are AND you have a cool 7-14 days to spare, using a theme or following our guide on how to make a website can probably save you thousands of dollars.

b.) If you want a slighty customised website that has a blog, a contact form and some beautifully custom made design elements, this can set you back at a range between $1000 - $5000 maximum if it's a Wordpress build. ( You should really be using Wordpress because it is SEO friendly and it allows you to change things by yourself, saving you money on maintenance. )

c.) If you want a really customised website with specific features such as user login, allowing users to perform specific functions, you could be looking at a minimum of $10,000 and the sky is the limit for this depending on how many features you need to build.

If you are a local business looking for leads or online sales, option b would be our recommendation.

How do you curate these web design agencies?

Through experience of course! We have referred these agencies to countless clients with great success. 

These clients usually come scarred from other fly-by-night web design agencies that outsource their work to off-shore developers and have little control over their supply chain, failing to deliver a complete website.

Our web design companies if a local workforce with talented designers and we will recommend them anytime because of their reliability and reasonable prices.