What channels should you be marketing your content in?

Content Marketing is the king of digital marketing that every company is moving towards.

Customers are getting smarter and less susceptible to "clever" offers and "hard sell" methodologies that used to be popular in the past.

Information is also readily available for customers to sieve through and call out marketing tactics.

Let's face it, it's no longer okay for businesses to withheld proprietary information when your competitors are freely offering it online now.

Even Do-It-Yourself information on how to do Digital marketing is widely available online.

The only way to succeed in the long run is to be the known experts in your field and differentiate your business from competition by allowing customers to choose you based on your methodology.

Your content strategy should aim to add value to customers and allow them to achieve small wins to ascertain your methodology because let's face it, customers are busy and may not see the importance to implement it themselves. 

This can be applied to virtually any industry whether it's B2B or B2C. 

Here are TWO examples for different industries.

Tuition agencies -

You can create simple textbooks or worksheets for parents to home-tutor their kids and in the event that parents get busy with work.

Give it out for free and you will be surprised that many parents are often too busy to even monitor their kids.

Instead, they will send them to your tuition classes instead as you are easily the most familiar and trustworthy source they have now.

Food & Beverage business

Instead of really expensive video review marketing that drive unsustainable amount of business to your restaurant that you cannot handle ( Hint: Bad reviews ). 

Giving recipes for popular dishes or even a self-made video on the preparation process can subtlely portray the complexity and effort put into each dish, allowing customers to see the value of your food.

Similarly, not everybody has the capacity to cook all-day at home and even if they have tried your recipe. If it's good, they will be delighted to share with their friends and give your brand Word of mouth marketing.

In fact, this is a strategy employed by Jamie's Italian to entice customers to pay a premium for his Italian cuisine.

For a full list of ideas - visit Content marketing ideas by industry.

Now that we have established that you are not giving out any secrets for nothing in return.

The main benefit is that these Content are digital and there is really no limit to how many times they can be given away. The best way to deliver these content for maximum results can be found in our E-book, The Perpetual Marketing Funnel ).

Below, we will discuss the top 3 FREE channels, the pros & cons and how to market your content effectively. 

And by effective, we do not mean just viewership but ultimately increasing the sales generated for your business.

#01 Your Company Blog

Blogs are amazing.

In fact, blogs have 434% more pages indexed than regular sites in a study done by Forbes. 

There is also a strong correlation with the number of pages Indexed by Google and the number of leads generated.

Consider having a blog and creating your content in "Topic Clusters", allowing Google to recognize the hierarchy of your content and what is it talking about semantically instead of trying to rank each long-tail keyword individually.

What's more, the more traffic you direct to your blogs, the higher you can rank your "money" page in terms of SEO if your internal linking is done right.

This is phenomenal in boosting your bottom line when high purchase intent customers are searching for immediate solutions on Google and you appear on the first page.

Why is it the most effective?

Any content you create on your blog can be repurposed or linked back when you create new content on other channels.

Directing all your outbound traffic to your page will dramatically improve your SEO and allow you to rank well on Google.

Why is social media not as effective?

Nope, having a blog has no inefficiencies, there is really nothing bad about owning your own content. In fact, anybody in business should have a blog to build credibility.

#02 Social Media

Specifically social media that allows easy sharing.

The advent of social media has created the ability to be viral in content marketing.

This means that one viewer could result in a snowball of more viewers visiting your site through sharing your content with their friends via their social media profiles. 

Consider promoting your Blog content through all your social media channels frequently to boost engagement and a readership. 

Also be absolutely sure to include a share button on your blog posts and ask for the share if your content has helped, you will be surprised by how many people would respond to your request.

Why is social media effective?

Social media allows you to easily reach out to TOFU audiences at a lower cost due to the sharing function.

People who may not know that they have a problem can be reading about your post, recommended by a "friend" which adds to your social proof.

Social Media also allows for a following, allowing people to subscribe to your content in their most active platforms ( No one really reads from emails or newspaper anymore )

Why is social media not as effective?

Ultimately, you are promoting your content through another person's platform.

They can decide whose content to show and to which specific audience based on their own interests. Facebook has recently reduced the organic reach that Business pages have, some as low as 2% of their followers for the big pages with 100-200k followers - now that's a big reduction.


#03 Guest posting

You can actually offer to post your content on other people's site to tap on their readership.

When is guest posting effective?

Guest posting is only effective if the site you are posting on is reputable and lets you create a "Do-follow" link back to your articles to boost your site's SEO. 

Guest posting can also create Social proof if your article is featured on reputable news sites.

When is guest posting not as effective?

This is not as effective in terms of lead generation as people will generally taper to the host's call to action instead of your call to action due to the User experience of the host's site.

It may sound contradictory but it's bad for SEO to be posting duplicate content on free blogging sites. Similar content may dilute your SEO or even cannibalise and outrank your own site's SEO due to the high domain authority of your host's site.

Now that you know the few major channels that you can tap on, what kind of content will you create?

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