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What kind of website do I need?

A website can range from something simple like a static website or an entire social media platform such as Facebook.

In this guide, we help you clarify the type of website you require to avoid overpaying for features that you do not need.

The best way to look at this is by starting with the functions you require.

1. How often do you need to change or add content?

How often do you need to change your website content? The frequency of how often you update or add content will determine whether you need a content management system (CMS) or not.


If you predict your website is going to be the same way with the same text and images for the next 3-5 years, then you don't need a content CMS at all.

The biggest limitations to this is that you may need to re-hire your website developer to even change simple things like your contact number or address.

It can be tricky since most website development agencies may only serve you if you are on a maintenance retainer.

WordPress as a CMS

But it's always safer to include it like most websites today that are build on WordPress automatically comes with a CMS that allows you to make simple changes to the text and images.

However, WordPress usually only allows you to make simple changes such as blog post text and images.

This is the WordPress Editor for this post

Some plugins may extend the elements that you can change but if you require something more customized, you may need to build a custom-coded CMS from scratch.

Customised CMS

If you need something on the backend that is really specialised, for example an inventory management system that links to your Point Of Sale system.

Or perhaps a backend that allows you to upload your products to multiple platforms like Amazon or Ebay.

Then you will definitely require a custom-coded CMS.

In Conclusion

By today's standards, it's always a better and cheaper choice over time to build a website that comes with a free CMS like WordPress than custom-code a static website.

This gives you the freedom to edit your content freely without being at the mercy of your developer's availability and price.

Plus, did we mention that you can get a website with WordPress at just $957?

2. What kind of content do you want to highlight?

There are many cool features a website can have such as a gallery, a quote calculator or even sliders.

But to fully utilise the right features, you need to know what should be the main focus on your website.

Blog/article website - For writers, media sites, affiliates

If you are looking to create a website centered around quality written content, a blog will be perfect for you.

The main focus of these sites is well-defined category pages as well as a great preview of your articles on the homepage.

Portfolio/Gallery website - For photographers, designers and creatives

If you have a lot of images you want to showcase, you should definitely go with the standard portfolio websites.

These websites place a huge focus on images instead of text which can be usually seen in their layouts.

There should also be a gallery and light box included so you can easily zoom in to see the description and detail of the individual items.

E-commerce website - For online transactions

This one is pretty straight forward, you need an e-commerce ready website.

Specifically, you will need a product page and a category page to showcase your products.

You will also need checkout functions and a simple inventory management system to manage your products in your CMS.

This is all available through a popular WordPress plugin called Woocommerce.

Directory/Listing Website - for large collections

If you have a huge collection of individual items to showcase, for example, property or vehicles but does not make sense to checkout online.

A listing site may be more appropriate for you as a customer can send an enquiry about a specific item while you follow-up to service them offline.

Information website For a physical service or product businesses

If you are providing a service and a product that does not retail online.

Then a simple information site will work best for you.

This includes a balanced approach to featuring your products/service, about your business, and also your portfolio of clients/reviews.

You can also highlight the various locations you have - this type of website is the most popular for most businesses in Singapore who do not conduct any transactions/services online.

You may also include a dynamic contact form that does simple calculations for your customers.

Booking Website - If you want to schedule meetings or classes

If you need your website to be able to allow people to book specific timeslots and indicate availability of your service, then you need a appointment-booking website.

This is great for Group Yoga Classes, Dental Consultations - as long as you have a service that requires reservations, this can work for you.

If you need a platform for users to perform specialized activities different that the above

If you require a platform that allows users to conduct highly specialized activities such as trading, banking, or payroll in the backend, then you will need a team of developers to help you create this startup.

WordPress can only serve as front-end that bridges to the backend of your service to make it easier for marketing department to change content.

However the bulk of the website will definitely require experts in programming in the language of your choice.

In Conclusion

Your website doesn't necessary have to be a Portfolio website or an e-commerce website.

In fact it may be a combination of both depending on your business needs.

That is why we always recommend business owners to stay away from themes as they force your business to fit into a pre-defined template instead of having the site design fit the business.

Our websites are fully customisable and you can freely add-on any page and features as you wish for a small fee to get the perfect website!

3. How much budget are you willing to spend?

What do you want your website to achieve?

Have you dedicated enough budget to marketing your website?

Budget above a $1000? Get an affordable site and dedicate a marketing budget.

A website that is custom-coded can be up to 10 times more expensive than a website built with WordPress CMS.

Ultimately that extra budget saved can go to driving a large amount of traffic to your website which is something most business owners fail to factor into the cost.

That is why 95% of websites today do not get any traffic.

For example a customised e-commerce website may cost $10,000 and even more depending on the features you have.

A WordPress + Woocommerce website may cost just $1957 ( With Foxfire )

The extra $8000 dollars saved could be used to run a powerful SEO campaign or reach up to a few hundred thousand people on Facebook ( Assuming average CPM ) and even drive sales to your business.

If customization is more of a want than a need, do consider going for an affordable storefront instead of a custom solution.

Small budget under $500? Install a theme

On the flip side, if you have a shoe-string budget of under $500, it may be more feasible for you to build a website with themes.

You can actually get a decent theme installed and hosting set up for you at a fairly affordable price ( Under USD$200-$300 ) on Fiverr.

We do not recommend anything under this price range as you will really be paying for the bottom-of-the-barrel service.

These sites are so badly set up that you have to redo it so why bother having a website in the first place?

No Budget?

You will need hosting and a domain name at minimum, that will cost $100 at least but you save some money doing it yourself?

We have a simple guide that you can finish in just 10 minutes.

4. Which Foxfire Package do you need?

If you do not have any functions such as ( Appointment booking, e-commerce, or listing ) you will qualify for our Value Fox package.

For all other types of sites with special functions, you need to purchase our Dynamic Fox package.

If you have special functions that do not fall into our standardized offering but you know they also do not require custom development work, you can book a discovery call for us to verify if your feature fits within our scope of work for Dynamic Fox.

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